The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

I knew you would ask this straight away! XD I’m not telling. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Saltypatra at what time you usually open chest on your testing account on console?
Also which global channel do you use? :stuck_out_tongue:

So hypothetically, if a mythic comes out during the event of its kingdom (week of and it comes out Friday or it comes out and next Monday it is that kingdom’s event), would that mean the Mythic would appear in event chests as well as the supposition would have it?

Not referring to any troop specifically but just in general.

Anyone know what happened to Darkheaven? They migrate in another guild? They are 16/30 right now it’s sad

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A few formerly strong guilds on PS4 have fallen on hard times too. Freedom Fighters, RDVG Community, Viva La Russia come to mind. I think Dragon Awakening had dropped off for a while and is making a comeback now.


You can see the story of what happened over here:

Sounds like a bunch of players burned out at the same time and quit and they are trying to rebuild.


Hi. I was a member of Darkheaven. Most of us left because the guildmaster was almost inactive…

That suck bro, no way to switch him?

An inactive GM is a death sentence to a Guild, it doesn’t matter what game.


I’ve heard that if they are inactive for a certain length of time (like 6 weeks or something), a player can have support promote someone else from the guild in their place. This was a long time ago, though, before they took out the function that showed you when someone last logged in. If you just had a neglectful guild leader that played a little here and there but mostly ignored the guild (not saying this was the case here - just hypothetically), there would be nothing you could do besides leave and find someplace better.


Suspense!!! 3h30 left before we know the next event

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I’m still sticking with Summer Imp.

So what would the event be? Maps again? Blah.

I’m going summer imp too. Maybe we’ll have a different ’ use an imp’ in pvp and get an extra 500 gold, double glory or another double traitstone event.


Good question. After all, pc never had imps as an event or at least none time recent. So it would be a completely new design for the event in that case.

Either that or it will be Khaziel like the pc but no way that’s happening.

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My Mrs must be one of the few who likes imps and has traited them all! They need a home. Let’s have an imp den with fairies, leprechauns, pixies and elves. Give them a home, they can share with the elves. Imp kingdom incoming… Soon ™

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So when is the update? It has to be getting close!!bring it on!

The update is ALWAYS :wink: at dinner time Sunday, it seems Sirrian knows from Australia exactly when my wife says ‘dinners ready’, then he hits post/publish.


Is it the 1950’s in your time zone? :wink:

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