New active players wanted

Created a new guild 4 weeks ago and already on the verge of cracking the top 1000. But looking for active players to help us climb the ladder even faster and make this a top guild…one to be reckoned with! Shadowed Knights are recruiting!

Im interested in joining a guild with active players

Send me an invite code and I’ll invite you now

GRAYBEARD243_31TB is invite code.

Invite sent

Didn’t like the guild Tim?

I’m loiking for a new guild. I started playing about a month ago n i play constantly, there are very few active players in my guild so if you still have open spots please lmk

What’s your level and how much can you contribute in gold?

184 i think, i just levelled up before i took a break so not sure on exact. I can contribute at least 100k a week. I usually give current guild between 15 n 20 a day, depending on if i’m trying to level a kingdom. I’m not sure what the usual standards required are, but i’m pretty flexible. Only reason i don’t contribute more is cuz it seems like the numbers don’t move. I don’t mind dumping 45 k in out of 65 if i know someone else will pick it up if i can’t get to it. It’s not that i’m greedy, i just feel like i can put mpre in n get more out of a more active guild. I picked mine the first day i started knowing nothing cuz the name looked cool lol

Haha…I understand. Well my guild, Shadowed Warriors, just became a rank 594 and we have a lot of people who contribute. I am picking up at least 2 more tomorrow. We keep getting better. There are no real requirements except that ya do what ya can. Mainly, gold and trophies are a big deal because we like to collect what the tasks have to offer. I’d love to have you if you want in!

I’d definitely like to join. My code is deadvenusblue608_cwco. I’m going to drop out of my current guild i’ll look for the invite. I appreciate it.

Not a problem. I’m on east coast time so I will send you an invite when I get home which will be in about 5 hours. I look forward to having ya!

Perfect! I have an appointment so i’ll be home around 6 pm east coast time. Look forward to being part of the team!

Awesome! East coast love…haha. Can’t wait

Invite has been sent!

Accepted…awesome! Thanx for having me

You’re welcome! Feel free to use the chat to hit us up!

I will thanx. Same here


is the code

Hey dale. How much can you contribute?