Consider joining DARKGUILD!

We’re ranked 184 and rising. No high pressure here or requirements - just be an active player and contribute toward the common good. We have several open slots at the moment, so join in!

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Fair play this guild sounds pretty promising, but there’s a better guild out there! & that’s Beauty & the Beasts ranked 116 & it’s absolutely epic!!! I thought nah it can’t be true, I joined & then woosh, oh boy did my dreams come alive! That first step is all it took & now I’ll never look back

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You did not read the code of conduct I presume? Here’s a section of it:

Any posts in a Guild Recruitment thread trying to advertise a different guild will be removed. Classy people have their own recruitment thread!
Also please don’t jump into other guild threads to tell them how much they suck… it really only tells people how much YOU suck…


Hi I’ll give it a shot
Level 191

Oh my bad Manly I almost forgot about the Sarbanes Oxley Act you have over there in America, due to the collapse of Enron & worldCom you can’t be trusted & are Guinea Pigs to the rules. We don’t have that over in the UK I’m afraid, what a shame eh. Thank you for enlightening me with the rules & I look forward to more sheepish acts soon :slight_smile:

I’ll get you added this afternoon. Glad to have you on board!

It says that you’re already a member of another guild. You would have to leave that guild first in order for me to add you. Let me know!

I would like to join!


Glad to have you aboard! I will send an invite tonight.

I’ll give it a try. Im really looking for a guild as active as me in this game. My code is PUSH RULZ_FQNN

I tried sending an invite, but it says you’re already in a guild. If you end up leaving that one, let me know and I will send an invite. Thanks!

Hi there.

Trying to get Team Synergy achievements, but the random guilds I joined in the past are at best 2/3 active.

I put up 150k gold and 150 trophies last week (have screenshot) and contributed to the sentinels for GW, but can step up if needed.

Gamertag: The Last Azn