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Shadowed Warriors recruiting

Rank 91 and making a push for the top 50. Looking for active players to help contribute trophies and gold. No requirements except you must contribute something. A few high level players have taken a break and I have a few spots to fill so come be a warrior with us!

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How can I join? I’m looking for a guild that actually do Tasks.

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You have to leave your current guild for the invite to go through. Once you do that, send me your invite code. What’s your level?

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93 for now, but I log in everyday, so I always contribute to a task

When you leave your current guild, send me your invite code

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Hey Shadow warriors - I’m going to sound like an idiot - I’m sure I can message you guys from the guild messaging itself. Can you start removing in-active members??? I’m Trying to get the guild achievement with completing all tasks. Its impossible with inactive members !!! It’s been fun so far. - I’m doing what I can but I am a lowly grunt - Andy

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Lol…I understand. A lot of us are saving up gold right now to have a huge week really soon. Probably in the next couple weeks. If you can hang on til then, it’ll happen! As far as the inactive go, my patience is wearing thin with them so I will start doing something. Unfortunately, it’s hard to recruit when so many people wanna be in a top 20 guild instead of helping a guild like this rise to the top.

Good deal - thx

I try to give as many gold as I can, but if y’all want to wait, I’ll hold on to my gold

I would say to try and split it in half between contributing, doing kingdoms and just save a little at the end of the week

I’d be interested in joining as my current guild is pretty much inactive. I’m level 707, can contribute around 250k gold weekly and usually 1500 seals. I don’t do GW though. All my kingdoms are at 10, so any gold I get goes to the guild.

If ya don’t mind me askin, how come you don’t do guild wars? It’s not a big deal so I’d like to invite you but I’m just curious

I just never cared for them, I’d rather play in PVP where I can pick who I fight for 2 or 3 trophies rather than 5 randoms. I also found it pretty frustrating when you’d get matched up against a player that has all their sentinels maxed out. I did them for a bit when they first came out but would rather spend my resources on doing task and upgrading kingdoms. When the new game modes come out, I’ll try them and contribute what I can.

My invite code is YYYYY_9

Ok…that’s alright. Did you leave your current guild? I’ll be home in roughly an hour or so. I can invite you then. That ok?

Yes, I’ve left. I look forward to playing with y’all.

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Sounds good! I’ll send it soon

Invite sent! Welcome to the warriors!

I really love this guild! We do have high contribution and partcipation rates, and that makes the whole game more fun. I would love to see the entire guild partcipate in GW though. Now that we are highly competitive (brackets 6 and 7) we frequently lose for the day by only a few thousand points, and thise points could come from even a low-level or newish player just trying it out. At our position, every bit helps! Keep up all the great work, my crew! :smile: And kudos to MalteseShadow who is always trying to improve the lineup and shows great, supportive leadership! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you Dora. It’s been great having you on the roster. You’re a huge player in this. I’m still working to improve the roster as well. I still see some zeros and it’s not too appealing to see. It’s hard but I’m still working and with the crew I have now, it’s gotten easier.

Hi! Is there any chance you’re still recruiting? I’m tire of being the only active person in my guild. I’m in a top 100 guild on mobile and looking to make the push on Xbox too.

Invite code is DINALE_EZNN

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