Lets start the most active guild on X1!

  • you are one of your guilds “top earners” and other guild members can’t even make half of your weekly trophies/gold donations?
  • you are tired of guildmembers who don’t donate more than the guilds minimum requirement? (and put gold into map/soul tasks. why are people even doing this? you get more maps/souls if you play 2 games with tyri+valk. in my opinion it’s wasted gold…)
  • you want lots of gems and glory keys without having to finish most of the guild tasks by yourself?
  • or you just want to play with people that are as active as you?

then let’s group up and start the most active guild on consoles!

at the moment i’m lvl 467 and in the guild birch team(rank2). it’s a great guild with lots of good player. but i think our guild requirements are way too low for one of the “top guilds” (50 trophies+40k gold, if you are active you have that in less than 1 day…). this weekend we suggested to raise the requirements, some member liked it, most of them not and one guy even suggested to lower the gold donations if we raise the minimum trophies (lol…).
in my opinion everybody should have an equal part of the “guild work” and you should not let 5-6 active players get ~80% of the trophies/gold donations while others can’t even get the requirements every week.
and thats why i had an idea: let’s start a guild with the most active xbox players!

i thought of rules like:

  • ~150-200 trophies and 250-300k gold every week
  • ALL gold goes into gem and glory key tasks, if none is available finish the 11k gold task!

if you are interested reply with your average weekly stats and your invite code, or message me on xbox live (GT: ibohr)

and don’t worry about losing your current guild rank and your mana surge chance. with 30 active people we will be a top5 guild in less than 2 months and your mana surge will soon be much higher. and you will get more keys and gems than you can think of!

(guild not created yet, will do it as soon as i have enough people that are interested in such a guild)

Come to Dark Heaven^^

dark heaven? no, sorry :wink:
afaik you are active since atleast 6 months. and with 70k trophies you have an average of ~100 trophies/week per member. i’m sure you have member with 200+ trophies every week but that means some of you have only ~50 too. thats not what i call a most active guild with 30 uber active members ^^

Hey, the guy the OP is making fun of for wanting lower gold reqs. here, you know the guy that doesn’t have every kingdom maxed out and spend every waking minute on the game? Yeah see here’s the thing, I play on pc too, and most of the guilds I’ve seen don’t ask much of the players UNTIL they have all kingdoms maxed out, lol. You will always have players coming in and out of your guild regardless. Keeping an “I iz Elitez” frame of mind, isn’t really the way to go. Keep in mind here people that we are in 2nd place in the world on Xbox, with the 1st place 23,000 trophies ahead of us and 3rd place 9,500 trophies behind us. (no one around us and we are comfortable) All the best to ya ibohr, good luck.

good luck trying to get no 1. Most people have a family and job. Its insane to get 200 per week. I wouldnt have fun anymore. But thats my opinion only. Maybe you are right and there are people want to do that

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Interesting idea. I’ve been in Team Birch for quite some time (Name Change) and meet the contribution requirements, exceeding the gold contributions most of the time. (some weeks I just do the min and buy gold keys). Why the push for trophies? There is not an in game benefit.

I agree that It would be nice if members met the minimum contributions as they stand now.

Good luck with your new guild.

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Out of curiosity, what are darkheaven’s reqs?

75 per week…

Honestly, in every game I’ve played with some sort of leader board, the top names were always the elite players, either the most active, or the most skilled, so it is odd to see the number 2 guild here have such low minimum requirements

Ok, thank you

No problem^^

With Darkheaven only at 75 doesn’t seem that way huh? We are number 2 and will hold that spot for eternity as long as we never stop. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Our guild works hard and most of us put more than the min reqs in. I’ve put way more gold in every week then the req requires. The req is just that, a minimum requirement. If people feel like doing more they will and most do. Alas, I’ve spoke my piece though. I took offense to what you said in the OP. Good luck Ibohr, wish you the best.

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Thats right^^ Its still just a game and its all about fun

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That coming from a number 1 guild means a lot lol you guys are killing it!!

Darkheaven at 75 is still almost double. I’m just suggesting that we raise minimums so we can at least appear to be their competition.

Almost double? no sir. I suggested 50 troph 50k gold req in chat. I talked to demo and he said he was thinking 100 troph and 50 k gold. I voted for that. To me gold is more important than trophies in our situation. As I said before too, minimums are just the minimum you can do. People can and do more. That’s the problem though, if a person isn’t performing the answer isn’t raising minimums. It’s bringing in people that are hungry and do more than the minimums.

yes, every other game has their one top clan/guild with the most active people thats always on top of the leaderboards and achieves more than the “casuals”.
at the moment every top10 guild has so low requirements that everybody can be a part of them. but every guild has their 2-5 top player that can easily make 200+ trophies and 300k gold every week. if these people would play together we could have 6-7k trophies and 9-10 million gold donations every week. and thats what i call a number 1 guild…

I just checked the birch team recruitment thread to see what our actual minimums were and it appears it’s 100 trophies and 50k gold


Yeah that’s what Demo said he was changing it to. Good to see.

I agree, trophies don’t offer our members anything, glory keys and gems are what will bring fresh members. Plus raising gold minimums will raise trophies earned