Very active player looking for large active guild

Very active man looking for large active guild. My level is 80. Focusing majorly on PvP right now. Last guild was getting inactive and I want to push through to level 100. Send me an invite please. My invite code is KARLSNOR. You can message Xtowers on Xbox Live. I can contribute 100 trophies and 50k gold to guild tasks per week. Looking for a fun active guild with cool people. Thanks!

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I’ve just cleaned up this thread.

Let’s keep the drama out of the recruitment threads on the forums, please.


Tell me xtowers how many trophies and gold You can contribute to the guild weekly

Hi Demolisz,

I believe you said before the minimum allowed in your guild is 100/50, but maybe not? 50k per week is no problem. I think 100 trophies is reasonable for me too. About 10 per day with increased activity on weekends and early in the week.

Still interested. If your answer is yes we have got an open spot. One week trial :slight_smile:

Since the PvP week just reset this might be a good time. I would love to help keep your guild in second place and inch closer towards 1st. Just so we are on the same page, what do you want to see out of me the first week? Is your minimum actually 70/50 like I’ve been reading in your other thread?

I’m at work right now, but we can complete the invite later tonight. Can you add me on Xbox Live: My Gamertag is Xtowers. I can message you when I am ready for an invite.