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Looking for a decent team (found)

Hi there i been playing in a lonewolf guild for awhile currently rank 199 and now i deceided i also wanted these free rewards lol

Anyway im a very very active player i can easy get over 100 trophy and donate 100k in a week so if any interested just let me

“very very attractive player”

Well… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

<j/k> :wink:

I also like poesy lol

Hi Rickygervais, we at JOSHATRON would be happy to have you join our guild - if you are interested. We are ranked #59 and have all masteries 22/23+. We are strictly a casual guild, and only ask that you remain active and contribute to guild tasks so we all share in the resources.

Please share your invite code - and I will send out an invite when I get home this evening. note: you may also need to leave your guild before I can invite.

Dibbs, amazing avatar ^___^

Just a question where can i find my
Invite code?

You should see it in the ‘Settings’ tab … or maybe even the guild tab. note: It might be your user name too

Hi Ug3er … I saw your avatar the other day and it brought a big smile to my face too. :grinning:

Danbo was helping me with the tomato crop harvest that afternoon. You never know where or when he’s going to appear :stuck_out_tongue:

My user name is psyconaz666 not sure if it’s my invitation code

I’ll look for you when I get home. I do know it will actually say “Your Invite Code: xxx” on the screen. I have seen it when I am going to switch login accounts - using the menu button:

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I’ve recently started task masters, 200k gold requirement. Would be happy to have you as a member

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Switch to Pc, android, ios we have the best guilds ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Bring on the platform wars !

Hi Ricky, I tried psyconaz666; as well as your name within this forum - and it states that it does not exist. Your invite code is usually the same as your GoW in-game name … or in-game name with a number after it.

Sorry guys someone already invite me a couple hours ago, i going to give it a try and i keep your names in cases they don’t fit my play style

Thanks again to everyone who answered me and i hope no one is pissed.

Good luck, and if it doesn’t work out you better remember me first lol :smile:

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I think you picked a good guild to join psyconaz666 :wink: