Looking for a good guild


I’m looking for a good Xbox One guild to join and see what is a guild for. Anyone? I’m currently level 28 or 29 (can’t remember).


Hey buddy, we’re looking for active players to join us. Current ranked 270 with 8/30 regular players and in the coming weeks we are hoping to be joining up with a website to be offering rewards to members. My gamer tag is Rosco122 guild name Grizzlies. Add me if your interested! Look forward to hearing from you!


Ok, why not? Maybe if I join you I will learn what a guild is for. I’ve just added you. I’m not sure how to join your guild, I guess the only way to find guilds is browsing the league. I can only see the top 50 guilds.


I’ve accepted the friend request all I need is your invite code and then once I invite you to the guild you will find my guild on the guild page


What is an invite code? Also, do you have a facebook page to gather the members? That would be cool. I can create one for your guild if you want and add you as administrator. Just say the word master of magicians and all living things.


lol no we don’t have a Facebook page but yeah defiantly create one if you want won’t hurt with the recruiting!


as you wish my lord


If I remember correctly it shows your invite code when you click the join guild screen, when you aren’t in a guild. It’s a code that they’ll need in order to invite you to the guild. It should be your in-game name with a little bit after it.


We know. @Rosco122 tried to type my invite code but guess what, it’s too big, he ran out of characters lol. I guess it’s a bug. I’ve been in contact with support, they are going to change my invite code to something shorter.


Apparently GoW doesn’t allow for very long names. I was asked to try this for someone else just last night, and his name was too long as well. (ran out of characters) Only fix I can think of, is to have them shorten the name.


Or they can increase the maximum number of characters the invite box allows.


True, …but only one of those options can be taken care of by the user themselves. The other only by the Devs, and no telling when they might get to it.