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Looking to Recruit Players to my Guild (Xbox one)

Looking for players to join my Guild.

We play daily.
No level requirements.
Just help out in contributing to the guild is all we ask.

How many are you? Room for lv 385 player?

Hi, there 4 of us at the. Moment so plenty of room.

Understand if there isn’t enough players for you.

I’m currently on level 254. There’s one on 543, 122 and one on 71.

Leave me ur invite code if ur interested.

I don’t even know what an invite code is or where to get it.

In settings, where u turn the sound up n down is where I find mine ( little button next to x)

So I am inviting you to join my guild or am I joining yours?

Right now I am the only member of my guild. Level 20. With a couple lv 12

Its ranked 3324

I’m looking for players to join my guild. Currently level 35 n ranked 993

SO I give you an invite code or you give me one? Sorry so dumb on all this!

I’d like to join yours for my first shot at this and see if I can help you.

Do I invite you or do you invite me?

Hi, sorry want to bed last night n worked today. U I’ll have to close ur a then send me ur invite code. You can only be a member of one at any given time

My invite code

Invite code is

Hi. I haven’t been able to invite you as you are still in another guild. You have to leave that one before I can invite you in

I thought that was not you! I will do that this morning thank you.
Hey… do you know of any “Resource Generator” for Xbox One? Some hack or
glitch that gets gold & gem or souls etc.?

What is the Name of your Guild?

Right now not in any guild

Southern Cross stars