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Looking to join a good guild on xbox, I play daily

I am looking to join a guild on the xbox system. I am level 195

my user name is Auerelius is anyone would be intersted in my joining them

In Flames have active recruiting. 4 new players last 7 days. I have lvl 308 and other members 231,92,68…
Send me inv code. We need another cool player like you :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying I’m. Very interested. My invite code says Auerelius. If I have to disband my own guild I will, I’m the only one in my
Guild lol

ok. I’ll try to invite you :slight_smile:

Thanks brother looking forward to PlayIngnwith
My new family of friends :slight_smile:

if i have to, i may need to disband the guild i started, im free all weekend to try to get this going, please feel free contact me here or text 7312671976 im excite about getting in a guild and contributing

Did u get my email?

Hi I am lvl 663 … my invitecode = RAINBOW_Q5BD
Hope you will join.
Greetz Michael

Will do it first thing in the morning thanks!!

Ok looking forward … If you want to friend me, my xbox gamertag is Michael6369

Mine is earnedminotaur2