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Looking for members for xbox #9 guild

Hi are you a Daily player over lvl 900 and see your self playing in the number nine xbox guild reply and i will invite you im looking for ppl Who can do legendary tasks and dont mind grinding a bit and play Daily for events most can do a milli gold so keep that in mind if you want to aply we r casual but no freeloaders plz

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Hi, I’m looking to make a change. I’ve been playing daily for about a year. I’m level 1048. Definitely a daily grinder who completes tasks. I’ve tried to recruit to my guild w little success and I think its time join like minded people. My guild is Greybush. We peaked around 80 then peeps stopped playing. We’re now at 271. Let me know what ya think!

Hey man yes i get you if you like playing Daily and grinding a bit u r definately welkome even bring a friend if you have more i can make room for three at the moment just let me know ill let you in promoten you and u can invite them your selves greets Thunder

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Prospan here. Ithink the pics (even if they are of horrible quality) show that I’m pretty good at grinding
I’m activly participating in any guild activity and normally on for 2 or 3 hours each day.
So if I could have an invite I’d be more then happy to join



Hiya Prospan sorry to ask but what is your level and your invite code the picture is unclear to me thx greets Thunder

Level 934, Inv.Code PROSPAN_GOHC, yeah, sorry for the bad pics, but somehow deactivation flashlights didn’t work

Ok cool definately someone i see join ing the guild just a minute i will invite you

Sent it welkome man

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