Looking for top 50 guild

Currently in a top 100 guild, level 265, all kingdoms level 10. Current guild is struggling to focus and accomplish tasks - only about 1/3 of members participating in guild wars. I’m not a fanatic, but log in every day, contribute lots and love working toward common goals. If you have a spot in a top 50 guild, I’d love a shot. Invite code: POLAREN_1KD1. Or, msg me on Xbox at: polar3786. Cheers!

Hi there

I’m GM of Riverford, currently ranked 38.

Looking for more active members. I had a really strong guild but lost a few members who contributed a lot then domino efffect happened. Still got 15 really steady contributors but looking to build back up if you want to join?



I would be interested in joining your guild, my current one is mostly dead.

I play every day, always hit 1500 seals and can contribute plenty of gold

Happy to leave my current guild as soon as I have the rewards for thos week- do you still have spaces?
Terrene Fire_kd2r Is my invite code :slight_smile:

My xbox id is Terrene Fire if you want to message first to let me know to leave my guild before the invite :slight_smile:

I’m sorry ii just realized I’m in the Xbox link instead of PC mobile.

Hi ! I am currently level 569 and looking for a new guild. Any top 50 or top 100 guild would be nice. Please drop me an invite ? Our previous guild was ranked 68 but it seems to be disbanded. invite code is Ghostv12


Hi are you still looking for a guild and if so how many trophies do you do a week?

Hi - thanks so much for the responses, I’ve accepted an invite from PhantomKiddz. Best wishes in your warring! - Polaren

Good day judithalaina ,

Arround 200 , but i accepted an invite from phantomkiddz so everythings good.
Thanks alot for contacting me.

wish you well

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