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Looking for an active guild for xbox

Hi all I am looking for a new guild for my friend. He is a daily player, level 310 and always contributes what he can. He will be a asset in any guild and just wants to join a guild who also adds to tasks. Many thanks in advance.

Hi Vanessa202,

I would suggest putting this post under the “Guild Recruitment - Xbox” category, rather than “Support”.

Good luck!

Ahh thanks ill do that now :slight_smile:

Is this for an Xbox one guild or something different? I am recruiting for my guild. I have one spot available if your friend is on Xbox one

Hi yes its x box one. I will get his invite code and send it to you if that’s ok :slight_smile:

Sure thing. I’ll be home in about a half hour and I can send it to him. As long as he’s not in a current guild or else the invite won’t go through