Looking for guild members on Xbox One!

We have only 3 members at the moment but two of us are really active. Looking for any members who want to join us on Xbox one. If so post your invite code below and I will send you an invite.

Whats your guild name

Why dont we combine clans then we would have 6 people but thats just a proposition

We only have 3 in ours as well, me along with my wife & son. - We just have fun playing the game. We’ve been playing for about 6 weeks now, (quite a lot actually!) and I’m lvl 140 and the wife is 125 or so?. My son is only playing half as much right now, since he’s playing a couple other games at the moment, but should be coming up on 100 or so.

Believe all masteries are now around +7? … 2400 trophies or so …Platnum II I think, and not sure on level? In the low 200’s (215-220ish) last I saw. (Don’t check much really) … But if you’re looking to just join up with someone, the guild name is Kito’s Krew. … I go by Kito in the Guild.

I was offered to join a great guild a while back that seems to be kicking butt lately and I hope they continue to do so. But when asked them about joining this other guild, they didn’t seem to be partial either way, happy with just staying with the one I created. … for now. :slightly_smiling:


Hi im currently in a guild that has 30 members but only about 10 of us contribute i would like to join another guild if its not going to be carrying as much dead weight if your willing to kick those that dont help or contribute then i would like to join

Join up with us we are all active and rank at 378 on the leader board

We’re looking for players if you fancy joining another guild, don’t like posting on people’s posts but we are desperate for players, currently 8/30 ranked 300, in platinum league, gamer tag Rosco122, guild - Grizzlies. If not interested message me and I will delete the post :slightly_smiling:



.Hi, if you want :blush::,you could consider joining’s my Guild Sin of History, also my Gamertag is GANGSTA KILLER7 if you want to talk to me personally and here is my Guild information : Roster- 12/30 Guild level- 23. Trophies-569. League Rank- 1252- Sliver 2. / :smirk: I will understand if you want to stay in your own guild , I am just giving you a option. :blush: