I want to be in an active guild on xboxone

Hi there , looking for an active guild on xboxone , i am playing this game for 3 days now and my level is now 22 . i am online almost every day .
So if there is an active guild with a good ranking please invite me.

invite code DRAGONQUEEN_FQWA :slightly_smiling:

If you’re just looking to get into an active guild, we are quite active, playing everyday. But only been around for about 8 weeks now and there is just 5 of us at the moment. All masteries are around +10/11 I think, and ranked around 190 or so last I checked, and daily bonus of Diamond II or III? … But if you’re shooting for one of the guilds nearer the top, with full crews and looking to be top tier, I’m sure someone will stop in and shout out. - Just make sure to ask what the minimum requirements will be, such as monies & trophies they will require each week.


Hi Dave , tx for your reply , i just placed myself in a guild waiting for some offers.
your guild seems fine by me , if you sent me an invitation and i will join the guild.
as i have no clue how it works i hope that you can invite me


Sure thing, be a pleasure to have ya. … I’m at work right now, but I will have my wife send you out an invite, since she’s home and usually plays during the day while I’m at work. … But you will have to leave your current guild for the invite to go out.

As soon as you leave your present guild, let me know and I will have the invite sent.


TY i ve left the guild so please invite me

thank you !!

You’re quite welcome, and the invite was just sent. - Just let me know when you get it to make sure it went through ok. :slightly_smiling:

Also, you will only see 4 members presently, since one is in the process of shortening their gamer-tag. Since it was too long and we couldn’t put the whole name into the invite section. But they should be in there shortly.

Hi Dave ok it worked , o am in the guild , thank you !!!

You are quite welcome! Glad you joined. :slight_smile:

Oh damned. I m to late. (Zombie Ashe rank 129)
Good luck with youre new guild