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XBOX one player needs ACTIVE higher level guild

I’m above level 700. I usually play most days - get 1500 seals, and can contribute AT LEAST 100,000 gold/week (if not more)

I’m in a guild that has 10-15 active players …so half a gild.

I play on xbox one. Let me know if any higher ranking guilds are recruiting. (Not even hard core players…just active ones)

Invite code is AY4569_ACAL

Ill leave my guild once I know I’ll be recruited. Thanks - Andy

We’ve got 7 level 1200+ in our guild. Finished all tasks Monday and have gotten 6 LTs so far this week. Req are max seals, 100t and event participation. Most do a lot more trophies and all are active. Let me know if that sounds like a good fit and I can invite you now.

YES !!! I’m out please add me I’m assuming you all play on xbox one - thanks - andy

AY4569_ACAL is the invite code

Yes, Xbox. Guild is the impossibles. I’ll let you know on here when the invite is sent

Invite sent

Thanks !!! I’ll accept when I log into tonight. Look forward to playing in this guild !

Awesome glad to add another active member to the team.