Guild : RANK 8 : guild Zombie ashe (search players)

Hello, we search new members. Give us your GT or Gems of War usename :

Our best lvls : 643, 535, 528, 461, 431, 417, 405,
Ours 2 lvls : 349, 319, 304, 268, 263, 257, 253, 271, 210, 208
Ours 3 lvls : 197, 186, 183, 179, 177, 149, 135
Ours outsiders : 86, 85, 80, 71

Guild level : 207. (28/30) but 5 non active players
Bonus mana : +53/54
League bonus : +100% (Champion)

Thanks for the invit. But we are’nt interested. All the member of the Guild was ex BANDITS members guild (56 Rank). The chief ot this guild cause us many trouble. So we have quit create a new guild and don’t want to change. good luck.

No problem :slight_smile: You too!

well done for my members. In three weeks we are upgrade from 3000 rank at 300. :grinning:

under the 250 rank. Congratulation

Come on, we are near 200 rank

Well done 150 rank…

We are always active and are now 129 world rank.

we begin to arrive to the top 100.

We have 2 new players and are always active. Come on

Congratulation, we continue to play everyday. 68 rank.

add me tman911

ok, i send you private message for your usename.
Wath is your gameratg

Do you still have room, would like to join, started playing the 18th, now rank 53.

Inv code is Minne_mg4q

i’m interested
invite code: Vv//Hades thx :slightly_smiling:

ok I invite you both :
Minne you re invited. Welcom. (my GT zombie ashe)
Vvhades I don’t find you. Maybe your invite is vv//hades_something.

nono, it’s VV//HADES
is it because i’m still in a guild?

better check corrrectly… i couldnt invite you as well :slight_smile:

come on, it’s the second time i apply for a xbone league x)
i need to start paying attention… sorry :slightly_smiling:

No prob. Maybe it is the sign you should buy the console :wink: have a nice day