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Looking for guild/clan?

I am relatively new to the game, I play the game on the Xbox one. My current level is 14, and I am looking for more people to play with and I honestly just enjoy being in guilds and the idea of them being a thing for games like these or games in general!

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Hello, welcome to the game and forums :slight_smile:

As you play on XB1, check out this sub-forum, which is dedicated to people like you who play on the same platform and are looking for guilds, or who run guilds and are looking for members.



If you’re still looking, I’ve got an opening. We are active (rank 500), and the only requirement is that you be active as well (1,000 to 1,500 seals per week). A lot of guilds won’t talk to you due to your level, but we love new folks who are excited about the game. I also realize that what I said about the reqs might make no sense, so I’m happy to party chat or Xbox message. If interested, gt: Lazy Swayze

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