Xbox one crew recruiting

Started new guild for gems of war in Xbox one. Active player. Need more to help lvl. Almost 300 trophies with 2 players. Lvl 7 guild and need help growing. Xbox gamer tag. Towelli on xbox

Join my guild we got 3 people and are ranked at 378 on the leaderboard

I will ask my wife

Ok sounds good to me we are active players and it is so hard to find people so i figured if you joined us we could climb the ladder even higher. My gt is bloody death669 add me and/or message me your ivite codes

We’re looking for players if you fancy joining another guild, don’t like posting on people’s post but we are desperate for players, currently 8/30 ranked 300, in platinum league gamer tag Rosco122, guild - Grizzlies. If not interested message me and I will delete the post :slightly_smiling:

We are rank 700 and very active but don’t want to lose all the progress we made in this clan. I would love to help but don’t want to quit this one.

Thats understandable

Good luck with your guild



.Hi, if you want :blush::,you could consider joining’s my Guild Sin of History, also my Gamertag is GANGSTA KILLER7 if you want to talk to me personally and here is my Guild information : Roster- 12/30 Guild level- 23. Trophies-569. League Rank- 1252- Sliver 2. / :smirk: I will understand if you want to stay in your own guild , I am just giving you a option. :blush: