Level 24 Guild, Platinum league, looking active members join us! 9/30 members


Looking for lower guilds to consider merging with us, there are far to many guilds on this game meaning members are spread thin over each of them.
We are in the platinum leagues currently ranked 300, our current member count is 8/30 we have good communication on the game and through xbox live.
If your interested reply on here or to my gamer tag Rosco122, we also will accept single members who are yet to find a guild!


.Hi, if you want :blush:,you could consider joining’s my Guild Sin of History, also my Gamertag is GANGSTA KILLER7 if you want to talk to me personally and here is my Guild information : Roster- 12/30 Guild level- 23. Trophies-569. League Rank- 1252- Sliver 2. / :wink: I will understand if you want to stay in your own guild , I am just giving you a option. :blush:


Thanks for reply but were much higher in the rankings than your guild, we are just looking for people to join us not to join others, good luck to u though!


I am looking for a higher level active guild. Level 116 and rising, usually play everyday with 30 - 50 trophies a week and 100,000 gold. Platinum league sounds good, invite code KATERN_VHLK


I am a new player. Level 24 and play daily. Looking to join a guild that is active. Please let me know if still looking. Thank you.