Guild Recruiting - Xbox One Lets Do This!

Alright guys here’s the deal, me and my friend have a guild & are committed to getting it high in the leaderboards & doing the weekly tasks. However remember this is just an arcade game & not life, we don’t expect people to pump in 500K gold a week or x amount worth of trophies, we are a friendly guild & just looking for players in order to help get better gear & maybe play other games on the Xbox as well, after all there are more complex games out there then moving a colour left, right, up & down.

If you aren’t so uptight & play this game for fun, but also want to get a fair few rewards from a guild then we are the guild for you! Remember guys the more that join the more likely we will get the rewards :).

Message on here or my gamer tag @ drawntoshaun & I’ll get you in the dream team after work tonight.



Hey, I sent ya a message on xbox :slight_smile: