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Fairly new guild looking for people

I have been playing for roughly a month I started a guild there are only a few people that are very active. We have bonus masteries as such. blue-2,green-7, red-9, yellow-9, purple-0 (so far no one in the guild uses blue or purple but will spend on it if you do need it) and brown-8. We are really easy to get along with I don’t expect you to donate a certain amount of gold or trophies as long as you are active and donate at least some. We are very easy going about things and easy to get along with. We are currently only ranked 1762 but have jumped a ton in a short time. I hope that you will enjoy joining the guild. message me with your invite code and I invite you as soon as possible. I hope you have a great time

We are looking for people. We have 7900 trophies. We are low on members and don’t expect people to contribute ridiculous amounts of gold weekly. If you want, you and your guild members can join us. If you want to join just message your invite code to my Gamertag (ImFlabalicious)