Looking for Top guild

I’m looking for an active top guild, where ALL players are active + contribute the same amount of gold.

I can offer the following :
Level 720 / 1500 seals / 800k – 1 million gold/ 300 to 500 trophies a week.


(Im still in a guild but I will leave as soon as there is a spot available for me in any of the top guilds.)

So let me know what you have to offer…

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I’m currently in a top 10 guild so joining your guild would be a step backwards.

But THANKS for the offer!!!

If you are still looking, SWALLOW ur SOULS has an open spot and we are currently the #4 guild. send your invite code and ill send an invite.

I joined Gem Assassins but thanks anyway!


Hello you can join my Guild we are in the Top 300 and we have no Requirements and no ruls . if interested send my you invite Code on a msg to the gamertag powerpierrot