Looking for active top guild

As long as they don’t nerf the shit out of these looping to death bullshit teams (mainly Justice/Mab), I’m done with Guild Wars.

So, I’m looking for an active top guild who complete many legendary tasks but requires no guild war battles or don’t care for score.

Currently member of Gem Assassins (#5 rank), I’m Level 1147 – I can do whatever Gold/Seals/Trophies your guild requires.

My guild, Shadowed Warriors, is looking for active players. We rank just over 600 and we do guild wars but they’re so easy it’s kind of sad. Currently in a really high bracket so we get basically new players. We don’t have any requirements except maybe contributing what you can. It’s a relaxed guild and it’s a little over a month old. Sorry to hear about your guild wars. We do play so even though it is that easy and if you still don’t want to, I understand. But any active players would be helpful

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