Need people to join My new Guild

My name is Chi, I just started my new Guild called Insane Dragons on Xbox One, I Need people that wanna contribute and have fun doing it, I need Active members that are looking for a Guild. I know I am a low Guild right now but with help we can become a high tier Guild.
I am a Level 83 myself and my Guild is a Level 6,
I have being leveling up my Guild on my own.
So I need players that like communicating and want to help each other out.
I know my Guild isnt really something to look at right now but with help we can all prosper.
These are my current Bonuses for the Guild right now.

Current Guild Bonuses:

Water, Fire, Nature Mastery + 3
Wind, Earth, Magic Mastery + 2

Current League: Bronze I

Promotion: 300 Trophies
Demotion: 150 Trophies
Daily Bonus + 15% Gold

I am always online so if you wanna join and help us out the name of the Guild is: Insane Dragons

Just give me ur invite code and I’ll invite