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Looking for guild lvl 534 Xbox

Hi looking for high active guild!

Guild of Thieves has one spot open. Message Truxton74 on xbox

Pretty sure he was in Thieves recently and now isnt for one reason or another.

Oooops. I think you’re right.

Hi GamerxNiko,

Our guild, Joshatron, is currently number 32 and looking for an active player. We are a casual guild that just requires individuals to play and contribute regularly. We would be happy to have you join us. :smiley:

I have sent an invite if you are interested. Please come join our “fight” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes^^ Not allowed to join anymore

UP up up up with you

There are only 3 guilds on Xbox from what I can see. Are you banned from them all?

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No idea ^^

Push it up…