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The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: 2 vs 15


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits

#FIRST ROUND: Killerman3333 vs. Shiratori

User: @killerman3333


Troops & Position:
Goblin Shaman

Team Bonus:

Lord of Spiders: All Troops gain 1 Attack for having 2 unique Zhul’Kari Troops

Lord of Goblins: All Troops gain 2 Life for having 2 unique Zaejin Troops


User: @Shiratori


Troops & Position:

Team Bonus:


  • Killerman3333

  • Shiratori

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The last two digits for the Redeem Code are: YU


I miss the team names. Will bring back Karasu and the picture when I have power again.

Shiratori. Karasu. Either way you know the names, let’s do this and win this!

Karasu no kokoro!


My team has the ability to keep the turn as well as deny my opponent his mana. My team is aptly called broken mirror and with the synergy of 2 team bonuses among other nice effects i should not be losing. This team is excellent for grinding out maps and killing quickly.

I’m about to go to dinner so I’ll save the break down for later. But I will say you do still tend to overestimate the value and usefulness of some things.

The only thing that my opponent has is mercy+moloch which wont do anything at the start of the game and what would my opponent even target?


I rest my case.

Reasons i should win are:

Hobgoblin, His Second trait gives him an attack buff because of tyri and his third trait makes him a semi decent tank by dodging skull damage. This means that he is great against skulls while dealing decent skull damage. However this does not make him a one trick pony as he also has a spell that hits two opponents for decent damage as well, and by extension powers up tyri’s magic. Also extra turn.

Tyri, Her second trait makes her protected against troops that target but not so good against aoe attacks. However her third trait might make it so she can prevent them from gaining the mana they need to use their aoe spells. Each time an ally uses their spell her magic increases to the point that tyri can completely remove a whole colour from the board.

Goblin shaman, First trait gives hobgoblin the staying power he might need to stay alive a little longer, Also with the second trait makes it so that the opponent starts the battle with a nerf before the game begins. Goblin shaman is more than the sum of her traits though as her spell makes it so that she can feed her hubby with mana and net an extra turn in case she fails. This safely gives tyri another magic point as well and with a little luck you can cast shaman into hob into tyri each round but that might be unreliable. Also extra turn.

Dokkalfar, Second trait makes him hard to shut down but he is the last line of defence or maybe not. If he is killed there might be a chance at redemption as he become another troop. Was it the spider queens curse or maybe something more but when he takes off his clothes you can expect great things from him. His spell to deal aoe damage might be no surprise but the fact that he summons a huge spider to cover two mana colors and that can also feed him means that he can survive while cleaning house. This also means that tyri’s spell grows in strength but do not let that fool you cause it is only if goblin shaman gets out of the way first. Yes the goblin shaman butts heads with dokkalfar about almost anything.

Summones if any.

Giant spider, if summoned has a big body and much more than that can produce mana for tyri, goblin shaman, and dokkalfar but also summon a spider swarm. If the spider goes off it might grant an extra turn depending on field however it really just makes mana and powers up tyri.

Spider swarm, if summoned does tiny damage compared to all other troops but can poison an enemy making it a nice late game addition when you have to simply out last your opponent. Poison does not go away either so it can wreck a troop who can always armor up but can not heal. Sadly it has poor stats so it will get squished easily but that does not matter as it too increases tyri’s magic.

Note if dokkalfar, giant spider and spider swarm are on the field they cover 5 colors and do not step on any of their own colors. Only color not covered in my team is yellow cause we do not like the sun or the light.

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Maybe it would matter more if you even knew which opponent you were facing.

And with that, dinner.

(Moloch? Mercy? Wtf…)

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Sorry wrong post. I am not the smartest but my team can still run even if dokkalfar is blocked.

Carnex loses to spell damage which i have.
I have bigger butts than attack against faunessa plus i have a healer
Webspinners’ poison does not work on most of my troops.
you have soothsayer trying to hit purple mana that i can grab possible before you.
You have one target damage to my two hitter and random hitter. You explode skulls and i can not deny that it is counted as damage but not that much. Unless your webspinner can net you an extra turn off 9 gems, those gems will go to me.
Also i can dodge skull damage with my first troop. He is replaceable but knowing you need a lot of purple i have to control the board which is easy with all my extra turn bs. While you have a blunt instrument as a team mine is more like a surgeon.

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Vote for me!!!

Vote for me!!!

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Or get reported because there’s a difference between how squirrel does things (to which even he doesn’t spam endlessly) and repeating the same mindless droning every minute or so. Seriously, chill out.

Are you mad bro? All in good fun.

Vote for me!!!

Team 2: http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/hobgoblin,tyri,goblin-shaman,dokkalfar,c20
Team 15: http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/carnex,faunessa,webspinner,soothsayer,c20