The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: 7 vs 10



  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits

#FIRST ROUND: Studs vs. Mufasha

User: @Studs


Troops & Position:
Bone Dragon

Team Bonus:

Lord of Bones: All Troops gain 2 Armor for having 2 unique Khetar Troops


User: @Mufasha


Troops & Position:
Stone Giant

Team Bonus:


  • Studs

  • Mufasha

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The last two digits for the Redeem Code are: YU

The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: 8 vs 9

Here is why my line up wins:

Stud’s team is based solely around skull damage. The obvious counter to that is Stone Giant who reduces skull damage taken by 50%. Even if he does get a 68 damage combo off, that’s only 34 applied damage. Representing one and a half casts of sunweaver. Combine Stonskine with Sunweaver and the trait big with a gem generator in Valkyrie and I will not only be able to heal and restore the main target of his skull assaults but also give more attack (+10 (10!) per cast) to knock down his lineup with.

Additionally, my team excels at gem control. I have the Valkyrie with two other troops gem denying purple and red. The bone dragon 14 mana relies on the purple gem generation combo with the wight which my 8 mana warlock will completely break. With the Valkyrie controlling any other gem color (especially brown) while provided additional mana through water link, I can quickly refill all my troop’s mana. By eliminating red and purple and then changing another color to blue I basically clear the board and let yellows refill the Valkyrie to repeat the process.

Meanwhile I can reach behind his line and kill the wight while it is weak, and then the bone dragon and/or priestess with spill damage. All of that equals win.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself in game, my line up is cheap and will win even without traits. Then imagine it fully traited.


Just a reminder to everyone regarding the rules of the current series and how it impacts the game.

  • Behemoth will only due 8 dmg as his aoe
  • The Wight will start the match with 5 life and 14 armor be blocked by Behemoth’s blue and be denied red from stone giant.
  • The Priestess will start the match with 12 life and 6 armor and only be able to provide 8 armor and not heal.


Here is why my team wins:

Mufasha is banking on Stone Giant absorbing the blows with its Stoneskin, but his team simply isn’t strong enough. Here’s how it will go down: Behemoth tanks early damage while Bone Dragon & Wight get filled. Once they’re filled, Wight steals Stone Giants Life, Bone Dragon steals ALL its armor, then BD makes a ton of skull matches and the incredibly weakened Stone Giant gets one-shotted. It’s literally that simple. With the Lifesteal + Armor steal combo, Bone Dragon is going to fill the entire board with skulls and do crazy damage. Stone Giant stands no chance, with or without Stoneskin. And after that his team falls apart. Meanwhile think about my Bone Dragon: It Freezes when its attacked. It steals Armor from its spell. Then it has Priestess giving it Armor AND Barrier. It’s going to be an unstoppable killing machine.

And here’s the flip-side to Mufasha’s team:

Mufasha’s team simply doesn’t have enough offense to be effective. Stone Giant & Warlock both do pretty paltry damage with their skills (and SG’s is a random target making it pretty worthless). Bone Dragon is going to be insanely tanky, as will Wight, and Priestess will be giving them Barrier, making all that hard work filling up single-target spells totally worthless. Yes, Sunweaver helps buff Stone Giant’s damage, but the team isn’t built to generate skulls so it will do a incredibly poor job on offense. Once SG falls his only strong offense is Sunweaver in the back doing skull-based damage, which it can’t generate matches for. He’s simply trying to bank on the fact that SG has Stoneskin and my team does skull damage, but his team is way too weak to overcome the combo of Life and Armor stealing.

Lastly, yes, Warlock denies Purples but it’s really easy to get around if you don’t play in a totally mindless way. Wight creates Purples, so simply don’t use Wight’s spell at a really dumb time when Warlock can steal them. Either Warlock is held back waiting for Wight to be used, in which case Warlock is totally worthless and his team is limited to only Stone Giant for offense, or he uses Warlock’s spell and then I use Wight right after to create way more Purples than Warlock consumed. Wight is actually a counter to Warlock, not the other way around.


Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

  • Behemoth does 8 damage to all troops. Warlock does 7 damage to one troop.
  • Stone Giant does 12 damage to one random troop. Wight steals 7 Life, for a net of 14 Life, to a targeted troop.
  • Warlock has 13 Life and 5 Armor. Wight has 5 Life and 16 Armor. Wight thus has a larger initial pool and steals Life, and you have no abilities to target its Life, so you’ve gotta chew through all that Armor first.
  • Priestess gives 8 (not 6) armor and Barrier. All that time spent filling your Warlock blocked by Barrier.
  • Behemoth and Bone Dragon have a total HP pool nearly that of all of Mufasha’s combined. My team has +30 more HP pool total. And that doesn’t include Bone Dragon stealing Armor, Wight stealing Life, or Priestess giving Armor and Barrier. My team is thus far tankier.
  • Behemoth & Bone Dragon have 15 Attack each. Stone Giant has 9, Warlock has 8, & Valk has 7. His team has to chew through 89 HP between my two units vs 69 for his three. My team is thus far more offensive.
  • Given that my team is both tankier and does more damage, by the time I get to Sunweaver I’m likely to still have Bone Dragon, Wight, and Priestess standing.
  • Every member of my team gets +2 to a random skill, and every one of yours gets -2 (thanks to my traits). That’s a +16 swing in stats. If things go poorly for you with RNGesus, Behemoth and Bone Dragon could have 17 attack and Warlock and Valk could have less than 17 total HP. They’re getting one-shotted with a single 3-skull match. One Bone Dragon spell could literally wipe out both of them in a single round. Or, maybe Warlock gets his Magic reduced by two and he’s doing a whopping 5 damage. Behemoth and Bone Dragon have 45+ HP. 8+ spells, or one 3 skull match…


You meant killed, with a ‘k’. With behemoth mana blocking wight and stone giant taking his red away there is no ‘taking life away’. I have a tank with damage reduction as well as Sunweaver to refill. Any over fill on the Valkyrie, (Don’t forget with my banner the Valkyrie only needs two gem matches excluding any surges) will help fill the Sunweaver. In regards to freezing, it is three troops down and will be dead by the time my stone giant starts attacking your priest. As for ‘filling the entire board and doing crazy damage’ it will not have the mana, again behemoth blocks half and the warlock takes the other half.

Also the warlock is always used when ready, as ready because it is easy to refill. There is no point to holding back on any of my troops, my casting cripples your teams spells and my tank will outlast yours. I have one of the best gem generators in the game, the Valkyrie and you have no counter. Its a simple as that.

No warlock steals ALL the purple, wight creates 5. 5 spread across a board that 8x8. So with a 5 gem creation across a board that has 64 gems, he magically refills bone dragon and over comes Behemoth’s mana block. My gem control is not based on magic, Sunweaver is an epic. Gem control with outlast capabilities beats mana-inefficient gem reliant lineups every time.

TL:DR - Behemoth blocks half of your lineup and my troops will make sure none of your troops will get mana, my line up will control the board and focus damage. Gem control with outlast capabilities beats mana-inefficient one-gem reliant lineups every time.


Worth noting Behemoth’s “Immense” ability further allowing it to tank


You forget you have to pay for things with mana. And you will have none.


My lineup is gem control, he will very rarely get the opportunity to use this trait.

Not to mention he has no damage reduction. Sunweaver will add 10 attack per cast. By cast three (again I have removed red and purple, leaving blue, brown and yellow on the board which will allow me to chain blue with ease and refill the board with more purple to have the warlock remove) he is at 30 attack. And the Sunweaver will cast more then three times.

7 + a 2-1 ratio of purples removed
If you want to cast behemoth you are going to have to keep bone dragon without a single source of mana.


Oh, thanks for that, I just realized @TaliaParks and I both forgot to include some really important bonuses:

  1. My team gets +2 Armor across the board for having 2 unique Khetar Troops. Now my HP pool is +30 over his.
  2. Behemoth gives +2 Attack to my entire team from his trait. Now my Behemoth and Bone Dragon are doing 15 Attack each. Meaning one Behemoth spell and one attack and Warlock and Valk would both fall.
  3. Priestess gives my team +2 random skill points. It’s now even tankier or more offensive.
  4. Bone Dragon subtracts 2 random skill points from his team. Its now even less tanky or less offensive.

Also, Mufasha keeps talking about Behemoth blocking but he’s a feeder. His ability destroys 10 gems, feeding the team.


I fixed it above.

As recompense…


You have to get through stone giant first, a convenient fact to forget.

“The team” is incorrect. He is not gorgotha, he does not clear the board and he has to refill himself first (hence mana blocked). That means all 10 of the gems would have to go to behemoth…and he would still not be filled.

Also devine bond and giant bond is +2 to Valkyrie and stone giant
Water bond so the Sunweaver adds 3 more attack health and armor.
Stone Giant has big, not as good as immense but you can be darn sure it is going to be used alot more and with Stonskin it is going to be alot more effective health too.


I have the luxury of not needing to be rushed. I’ve got 2 Legendaries to your 0. Behemoth and Bone Dragon are so tanky that they’re basically unkillable.

I take my sweet time filling up Wight, then unleash the devastating Wight + Bone Dragon combo once and any of your troops gets one-shotted. Your Sunweaver armor means nothing except Skulls for Bone Dragon. Your Attack means nothing when you can’t generate skulls.

Your team has to pray it can get off 3-4 Warlock shots on one target before I get my combo filled once. And that’s assuming Priestess doesn’t give Barrier to whoever you’re trying to target (presumably Wight).

Worst case scenario: You manage to expend all your resources killing Wight as quickly as possible and do it before I get Wight + Bone Dragon combo to fire. That’s fine, I’ve still got Behemoth and Bone Dragon with massive base stats, great traits, amazing spells, and then Priestess in the back doing her heal-bot thing giving them barrier. Sounds like a Pyrrhic victory for you as far as I’m concerned.


This is almost as fun a debate as @Tacet & @DonBoba


Again spells cost mana, so either you are using Behemoth and keeping your other troops out of the mix or you are waiting. In waiting my team continues to control the board picks off your support while my Stone Giant uses big and the Sunweaver to far out ‘tanky’ you.

If you do use behemoth, you will have no mana for the rest of your line and one Sunweaver cast will give a total of 20 Hp (10 armor and 10 life) to any of my cards. By the way 20 hp per cast quickly eliminates your stagnant +26 hp to creatures without any damage reduction.


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My team has every color but Green. Behemoth destroys gems, meaning it feeds the entire team with all the different colors it destroys. I don’t understand why you’re so fixated on this Behemoth and not having mana…

Again, my team is super tanky so I’ve got time to spare while you’re in a mad dash that still might not matter. The only way this whole “mana denial” thing would be a problem is if you could mana drain/steal. Which you can’t.


But only generates purple which I remove.

Exactly, destroys. Not explodes. Meaning you get 10 random gems including skulls. This does not fill your team. It doesn’t even fill behemoth even if all the colors go his way.

Exactly, it’s not that he doesn’t have mana its that he has all the mana. You have to fill him first before you can fill the other two.

No your team starts off with more health and the taking ability relies on 4-5 gem match generation which I have broken. My team on the other hand has damage reduction and can recover health and armor. Also using 4-5 gem matches which I actually can generate.

The only way to steal mana is for your team to have mana in the first place, which it won’t because you are mana blocked.