The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: 5 vs 12


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits

#FIRST ROUND: Bobomb vs. Royalty

User: @Bobomb


Troops & Position:
Giant Spider
Green Seer
Boar Rider

Team Bonus:



User: @Royalty


Troops & Position:
Gloom Leaf
Centaur Scout

Team Bonus:


  • Bobomb

  • Royalty

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The last two digits for the Redeem Code are: YU

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I have picked out my team carefully. All four are very good defensively while also doing damage. Gorgon is a great tanker (stoneskin) so i have put him on front. Gloom Leaf (Thorns, attack drain) and Psion (Mana drain) two legendaries, that are very annoying to play against. Having Gorgon to protect them, provides some time to fill them. Centaur Scout (Dodge) imo is one of the best commons. He and Gorgon are quite similar, both have Fast as trait and provide some much needed mana by destroying rows.


I’m playing one of the three strongest teams in the game, ever. It’s a control deck. In most matches, after about turn 3, your turn never ends. Here’s how it works:

Turn 1: purple match. With the Banner of the Old Gods (purple/purple), you get 2 bonus purple. The Giant Spider’s Magic link adds one more, so you get a total of 6 purple charging the Green Seer.

Turn 2: purple match (again). Green Seer is now charged up, and the overflow has gone to charge the Boar Rider.

Turn 3: turn gems of any colour but purple to green. This means in almost every case that you get an extra turn from a 4 or 5 match. In many cases, you get more than one set of green, and you charge up the Giant Spider. The overflow charges up the Boar Rider. Next, the Giant Spider turns all gems of a chosen colour (anything but green) to purple. In general, you’ll charge up your Green Seer and get an extra turn. The overflow charges up the Boar Rider. If you ever get mana surge, this goes even faster.

By this point, you’ve got a loop going. You constantly manipulate the board to keep getting extra turns, charge up the Giant Spider, Green Seer and Boar Rider. When you get bored (no pun intended), you swing with the Boar and get an extra turn. After going through the loop a few times, all of the opponent’s troops are entangled by the Green Seer. And with all these sets of 4 and 5, your Hydra (with Huge) is insanely large, while your Giant Spider (with Big) is getting bigger too.

If you ever stall and don’t get a set of 4 or 5, and the opponent gets a turn, they:
a) match up skulls, but are entangled and nothing happens
b) match up skulls, are not entangled, but the Hydra is huge. And when it takes skull damage, each of the opponent’s troops takes 3 damage
c) match some green or purple gems, and it’s your turn again.

This combo completely locks out the opponent, who almost never gets to play. It’s extremely quick to get started, and does not depend on skull damage as the Boar Rider gets rid of pesky Stoneskin / Thorns opponents without blinking.

If things get really bad through a run of terrible luck,
a) the Hydra does ridiculous damage as the life lost is calculated based on its maximum life (and it’s been getting Huge for a while now)
b) if the Hydra somehow dies, the Giant Spider creates a Spider Swarm meat shield. Then you can keep wailing away with the Boar Rider until the opponent is good and dead!


Roy - just do it! :trophy:

Bobomb, you are right about that combo, it is pretty nice. The downside is that it doesn’t do a lot of damage. And the recent nerf to Boar Rider did make it less effective. The cycle will be broken more often.

Also my team can overcome entangling since it doesn’t rely much on skull damage as all four troops are doing spell damage. :wink:

The boar rider may take an extra move to charge up, but with the board being nearly solid green and purple, it’s not an issue. It also helps re-arrange the board if you’re having any trouble getting a 4 or 5 gem match. It’ll just take out one of the bothersome rows.

Thanks for the thumbs up on the combo :grin:

Your team certainly has all sorts of spell damage, but you have no way of concentrating your attacks. The Gorgon attacks a random opponent, while Gloom Leaf does rely on skull damage (but not if he’s entangled). Mainly, your damage is only as good as the speed at which you charge your spells. Which, in this case, is very slow. Gloom Leaf is blocked by Gorgon for red, and needs a whopping 17 just to boost his armor and attack. Psion takes nearly as long with 15 gems needed. The centaur is efficient, and starts off half charged, but that won’t get your other troops very far to a full charge. Same goes for Gorgon, which will be slow to recharge after its first attack. Let’s not forget that there will be very little outside of green and purple on the board after turn 4, so the Gorgon and the Centaur will have trouble refilling.

Read that again and check his traits again :wink:

Team 5:,giant-spider,green-seer,boar-rider,c20
Team 12:,gloom-leaf,psion,centaur-scout,c20


Irrelevant as the total damage output is huge. Also Gloom Leaf and Psion are doing AOE, add the damage from Gorgon and chances are high that your cycle is broken.[quote=“Bobomb, post:6, topic:6661”]

Mainly, your damage is only as good as the speed at which you charge your spells. Which, in this case, is very slow. Gloom Leaf is blocked by Gorgon for red, and needs a whopping 17 just to boost his armor and attack.

Slow? Gorgon and Centaur Scout are Fast and provide mana. I’ve picked up Red/Green banner to speed up Gloom Leaf.[quote=“Bobomb, post:6, topic:6661”]
Let’s not forget that there will be very little outside of green and purple on the board after turn 4, so the Gorgon and the Centaur will have trouble refilling.

I don’t think that will be case if i am going to focus on destroying Green and Purple :wink:

Good trash talking, but you’re contradicting yourself mate.

If you focus on Green and Purple, you’ll starve your Gorgon and Centaur. If we race on those colours, I need at most 2 matches to fill up the Green Seer. You need 5 for Psion, and 6! for Gloom Leaf.

Nope, same conclusion. Gloom Leaf steals armor and a bit of attack. Which isn’t very useful if my Hydra gains life (and not armor) for every 4-5 gem match (of which there’s an endless supply). I don’t need to attack with Skulls, as the Boar Rider will nibble away until your troops are gone. So I don’t get hit by Gloomy’s thorns (which only kick in for skull damage).

Sure, in an infinite game we all have huge damage output. But you’ll never get to use it since you get locked out and don’t get to charge up.[quote=“Royalty, post:9, topic:6661”]
Slow? Gorgon and Centaur Scout are Fast and provide mana. I’ve picked up Red/Green banner to speed up Gloom Leaf.

If you had picked a double red or double brown banner to charge the gorgon faster, we could have had a race. As it is, after turn 3-4 there’s almost nothing but Green and Purple on the board. So your Gorgon gets a little bit of red once in a long while. It would take you 3 turns just to refill him on Red, 4 on Brown. Which, again, you won’t find in a green/purple board. Gloomy will slooooowly pick up a set of green here and there, and then what? If he ever gets to play, he’ll steal some armor and attack and go back to sleeping entangled while I clobber him with the boar rider.

My lock may occasionally leave you one turn to play, but never more than that. My combo takes permanent ownership of the board, and lets you visit once in a while. The only way to break it is to destroy the Giant Spider or the Green Seer. Since you can’t target damage, any skull damage you do gets nullified by entanglement, the Huge hydra or the Spider Swarm meat shield. Meanwhile you’ll have lost one troop after another.

Starve my Gorgon and Centaur? No problem, i rather fill up Gloom Leaf or Psion. :slight_smile:

What same conclusion? I was referring to your ‘entangled’ argument. You did give the impression that i am relying on skull damages which isn’t the case.

I don’t care if GL is entangled. He REFLECTS damage. He will still do that when he is entangled.

Your chain will stop eventually if you even get the chance to start it. Like i said before, Boar Rider does cost some more mana now. Also Hydra takes away your Blue mana for Giant Spider :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, nice try :slight_smile:

In which case I race you and you get locked out. With Green Seer charged after 2 turns, she’ll make a LOT of green and probably get me another turn, maybe start the lock right then. You can’t compete with that speed if you focus on Gloom Leaf.

I was just covering my bases. You have three possible sources of damage:

  1. Spells: Psion takes forever to charge up compared to my team, Gloom Leaf doesn’t do any spell damage, Gorgon hits randomly and Centaur won’t have much Yellow after a few turns.
  2. Skulls: Your troops will be entangled so no damage. Even if they manage to get a couple of hits in, the Hydra will be Huge so can tank no problem. And each time it takes skull damage, it deals 3 to each of your troops.
  3. Gloom Leaf’s thorns: Only a problem if I actually attack with skulls, and if I’ve already killed the Gorgon. Since my damage mostly comes from Boar Rider, no thorns. If my Hydra takes some damage because I got a random chain of skulls after lining up Green or Purple, it’ll be doing twice as much damage to Gloomy first, will be able to take it as it’s Huge, and will heal (again with Huge). And for good measure, if it’s taken damage to its life, and its spell is ready, it does huge damage to your team. Oh, and if it’s dead, I’ve got a Spider Swarm in its place that definitely won’t be killing itself due to thorns damage.

Boar Rider isn’t involved in the chain, he just gets the overflow mana. All I need is a charged up Green Seer and off we go for infinite turns! So it doesn’t matter how long it takes to charge up the Boar Rider. I could have Venoxia as my last troop, it would still get charged up and attack since there’s no such thing as a Combo Breaker (here). Oh, and I don’t need Blue. Giant Spider gets charged up by Green Seer making Green (usually in sets of 5 or more, so automatic mana surge).

Come on, stop telling nonsense. Boar Rider isn’t involved in the chain? I’ve played many times with Giant Spider, Green Seer and Boar Rider (before he got nerfed) and in reality you will need Boar Rider many times to keep the chain going.

To keep it going, not to get it started. You don’t need it for several spins, by which point you’ve had lots of time to charge it up. And with my purple/purple banner, one 5-match of purple gems fully charges Green Seer and spills over to the Boar Rider. One more 5-match and it’s ready to rock. But it’s good to know you enjoy running the team too :sunglasses:

I did :wink:

I actually used them with the rune smith back when it gave double trait stones. Wasn’t too bad, the Runesmith at the end managed to even power up Spider Swarms if they were needed. I would use the Valkyrie in first spot. Good for farming that week. Managed to do well on Warlord 3. Managed to win on Warlord 4 too, but the battles just took too long. It stopped being fun when you spent 20-30 minutes whittling away at the opponent.

Took a little while to get going, but the debate started.

It was a great read :wink:

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Congratulations @Bobomb on the win and to @Royalty as well for participating!