Spend Glory on Souls before 1.0.8?


Hey there!

So in 1.0.8 you can level up to level 20, so one will need a lot of souls for that.
Also, you can “sacrifice” the troop to ascend it. As I understand it, sacrificing troop cards means destroying them. So there goes a lot of souls you would usually get for disenchanting these troops.

Right now, you can switch 20 glory into 40 souls.
In the preview part 1 you can see that you can get 53 souls from one glory chest, which costs 20 glory. However, we don’t know if it’s always 53 souls or if this was just a lucky draw and usually it would be 30 souls or something. Or you could get a rare troop you don’t like, so you don’t want to ascend but disenchant it, which will bring only 10 souls.
You could also get a traitstone, no idea how much that’ll be worth.

In preview part 1 they say, glory will become much more easily available. That means, 1 glory will be worth less than it is right now. We don’t know if souls will get much more available with the update.
Having 3000 glory right now, I’m thinking about spending it all (or half of it) on souls, because I’m afraid that all that glory will lose its worth with the update. I mean, if you can make that much glory in a week after the update, I would rather have 6000 souls to level my favourite troop.

So what do you think? Will you keep on to the glory you have or will you spend it on souls? Or wait till Monday to check out the new troop that will possibly come with the next event and get a couple of copies?

(sorry if there’s any unclear formulation, not a native Speaker here)


Isn’t it more logical to spend 30 glory to buy a map and get a lot more then 40 souls + the chance to get all other stuff that you can win?


True, but only if you have the time to play all these maps.
Right now, I have 150 maps lying around, and I definitely don’t need to buy more…


I would definitely hold on to enough glory to get (a couple of copies of) the Epic troop from the new kingdom, The Anointed One, which traditionally comes up for sale the first event after a new kingdom appears.


And I 100% agree with MarvelKit :smile:


I’m still crying over the fact I bought only FOUR Winter Imps last week! :frowning:
And it won’t be in chests for another couple of months.


I feel your pain, I did the same thing, not that I didn’t had glory coming out of my ears to buy a couple more :persevere:


Oh btw aren’t imps supposed to be in chests until their season passes?


OMG, you’re right! I will have to wait another year! :frowning:


Nonono, their season is now, they replaced autumnal imp, and will be in chests for next 3 months (couple weeks up or down) :smile:


I hope you’re right. :smile:


This is from dev blog:
"As per usual, the Autumnal Imp has left chests to make way for the Winter Imp.
Note that the Winter Imp is only available on PC and Mobile currently!"
So Winter Imp can be found in chests until Spring Imp comes out :smile:


So THAT’S why I couldn’t pull the card from chests! Arg, I just blew 400+ keys that I should have saved for the upcoming patch! :scream:


ouch, that must hurt!


I hopefully take 6 Winter Imp :slight_smile: .
Yes, my only legendary troop with more than 4 copies :frowning: .

Else, glory seems so much important now, like buying 16 epic troops each week…


i just got one. like 5 min ago.


What did you get, a Winter Imp or The Anointed One? :smile:


Likely Winter Imp considering The Anointed One shouldn’t be implemented in chests yet, and won’t be for quite a while. (The Spring Imp will be released in chests before The Anointed One is. :stuck_out_tongue:)


Who is “The Annointed One”?



I believe he’s next week’s glory reward: