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Troop thought discussion

hmm I’m sure its been said or asked somewhere in here, maybe I’m the first.

We have troops to double and increase souls.

We have troops to double and increase gold.

We Do not have a troop to increase or double glory as easily as the valk or the alch.

I think a kingdom needs a knight who gains +glory for destroying a troop as well as has a trait that allows him to double glory.

Just my thoughts

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I believe version 2.0 will be handing out more glory rewards for PvP, or some kind of reworked system that will net more glory via PvP.

Hmm interesting idea, however Glory is only gained in PVP at the moment, so either they would have to break that idea and extend Glory to other modes as well, or the card’s talents would only be useful in PVP and essentially only half a card outside of it. They tried something similar recently with Rakshanin where you got double glory for using him in invades. So maybe they are toying with the idea?

The other possible issue is the fact that it would mess with the Economy. Currently you can’t easily farm for any chest currency other than gold. And gold chests are limited to Common and Rare troops only, but by making it easier to farm glory it would be glory chests would get a lot more openings, even at lower levels, meaning the overall player base will experience a power shift upwards, with a lot more legendaries and mythics being used. Not saying this is a bad thing per se, but it would have to be managed VERY carefully to not create a large gap between people who did and didn’t have the extra Glory generation.

In summary, I do like the idea! I’m just not sure how feasible it would be without a number of changes.

(also Necromancy and Merchant traits only increase Souls and Gold by 50%, and I don’t think that breaks the per/battle cap on them, just makes it easier to reach)

Glory isn’t actually that difficult to accumulate. You can farm it pretty good in Treasure Hunt and you get heaps in Tribute (level your Kingdoms and their Power!). Consoles have an additional way, personal task rewards.

Point is, with moderate effort you should be able to accumulate 2,000+ Glory a week.


I make almost 10k from maps alone.

How many Maps do you do a week?

Oh yeah, you LOVE Tyri, so you must always have 100s of Maps at a time :wink:

I have never really understood why each battle in arena doesn’t offer at least 1-3 glory. Apart from the end reward it seems a tadge odd.

10 maps a day sometimes 20. depends on if i need to collect more. 1 game of map collecting can net 10 maps and take 20 minutes to an hour with my whitehelm team. Not to be expected but i get 220 gold i think from the game as well but i am not sure.

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Lucky you, Consoles are capped at 5 Maps/match

maybe I am missing something…
u get 3 glory per pvp match using 2000 glory as a reference point that’s 667 pvp battles roughly. Now granted your gaining prolly a 1/3 or better from outside of pvp battles, however not everyone can do 30+ pvps a day. Not everyone would use or feel a hero like that would be beneficial, like with the rakshanin event. However, if a troop were to give you the ability to gain a little more especially for those that cannot play as many matches would be beneficial.

It would be faster if i could be in a guild that donates like an avalanche of gold into map tasks but it is ok for now as i am interested in getting the gold bonus upto 100% and not getting the guild upto level 1000

You should be able to average 10-15 Glory per Map attempt and gain a lot from Tribute as well. That’s where I got my number from, not just PvP

Top Guilds do not donate to Maps or Souls, they leave those Tasks and let the third spot rotate between Tokens/Gems/Keys

When you get an average move count of 30-40 moves and at most (no cap btw) 30-40 glory then you are doing great.

oops edited over a post, lol but yes didn’t try many maps. :smiley:

Use this strategy as a priority list;

  1. 5-matches, top-to-bottom
  2. 4-matches, top-to-bottom
  3. 3-matches, bottom-to-top

Remove the lowest ranked “gems” first so that they cause cascades.

You’ll learn how the patterns for 4 and 5 matches form over time, until then this should help you enough to get 50+ moves out of most Maps.

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Fair enough, I guess my estimates of Glory income were lower. A troop that increased glory income by 50% or gained glory on ability use would still throw things out of whack a bit, but maybe not as much as I at first thought.

Also you can get 20 glory from a gold chest and 40 glory from a glory chest after donating 100+k to my guild I alt between kingdom advancement, gold chest (to ascend commons/rares and to bulk on common traitstones) and I also donate additional to guild every other week (I alt heavier donations on one week and just around 100k-150k on light weeks)

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Glory is heavily protected by the developers. It is the single best way to acquire Arcane Traitstones and giving it away too easy would hurt their cashflow.


I try and do the same thing as well.

Gotta balance the Guild and personal advancements!

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