Glory Optimization

Coming in around level 80 and maps are just about losing their usefulness. Any good suggestions on the best way to spend glory? Is it worth it to save for event chests, or just buy chests?

I save my glory all week to make sure if we have a GREAT new unit on reset day i can buy 6 of them. Bump it up from epic to legendary.
If its not worth it then i spend mabye 1k on 50 chest . Then through the week i make enough to cover it.

Don’t spend Glory on chests unless desperate. The event troop bundles (i.e. epic etc for 400 Glory) are easily the best use. There will come a time when you want to get something all the way to Mythic, or get truckloads of that bundle to get a huge amount of the Arcane Traitstones.

Plus we’re moving to an event troop per week now, so there will be less (if any) ‘break weeks’ where all we bought is a single weapon for 300 and wait for next week.


I save all the glory for the Arcane stones from the weekly glory reward. At level 80, glory chests might be more useful then building up Arcane stones.

My guess is there will be troops coming for less glory. Devs have mentioned somewhere that there is a need for troops of a lower rarity. I can’t imagine they will cost 400 glory, unless there are already 20 or so in the package.

I assumed these troops would be introduced by other means. I don’t think most players don’t want/need a bunch of new commons or rares, and certainly don’t want to waste a whole week of an event on one.

Considering how such troops give a nice boost to power levels (and are cheaper to level up too), I can’t see why anyone would not want them.

Also, with how some commons are so popular in the meta right now, there is no reason to underestimate commons, really. It all comes down to the actual usefulness of the spell. Also some epics (including some event ones) are considered quite useless.

Still, that’s what will happen in the weeks to come…

Yeah, but if it’s just for kingdom power then put them somewhere else. We only get 52 weeks, so why waste them on a worthless troop.

I realize Ascension has made all rarities viable, but all things being equal Legendaries are much more desirable than commons. They’ll always have the better spells and traits.

[quote=“Studs, post:9, topic:3898”]
They’ll always have the better spells and traits.
[/quote]You can’t be serious. Some Legendaries’ traits are so laughably worthless, while still being so hard to get, while the Agile+TS on some commons is so OP and still easy to get.

Same thing with spells. Check out Skeleros (epic) spell, and tell me you prefer it over Skeleton (common). and there are many other examples.

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I use a Boar Rider as my third troop (so it lasts as long as possible avoiding first and last attacks). Although it’s life/armour tops out at only about 20 or so after all my kingdom bonuses, it’s my most important troop. It does:

  • 8 base damage
  • Uses green or purple gems for special
  • Only needs 9 gems for a special
  • Special does 8 damage + destroy row + extra turn
  • Common troop
  • For people who don’t play a lot or don’t have lots of souls, maxing out the troop only costs maybe 2,000 or so souls

Since I’ll try to strategically wait to use it (wait for Arthur’s +5 buff), I can usually combo the special into getting a buffed skull attack from a different troop that does 13 damage… 21 total damage Or at minimum get a 4-gem match, or both and keep on taking turns.

Best thing is that Boar Rider is a common and one of the first troops I got. Used it ever since.

Never understood why someone would use The Silent One. I guess everyone agrees as I’ve seen maybe 3 people use it in all my PvP matches. Trying to play defensive like that is tough to win matches.

Saving up to buy multiples of a unit you really, really want is a good idea. I just haven’t seen a unit I really want yet. I’d take a dragon, or a knight. Maybe a wildfolk. But still, that’s a LOT of glory. Maybe it comes easier once the kingdoms have been leveled? I just get itchy once the glory starts piling up, so I’ll just have to use some discipline to save it.

I said “all things being equal”. Bond Dragon, Keeper of Souls, Sheggra, etc. Not all Legendaries are better than all other rarities, but the expectation is that the best Legendary will be better than the best common.

Spells, maybe. Traits, definitely not. There is no trend whatsoever for legendary traits being better, but they still cost much more, so in the end they are worse.

Also, this is not about the best legendaries, it’s about troop rewards that are mostly epics anyway, and there’s no telling how good they’ll be, you’re berating a possibly good common while you have a chance for a bad epic instead.

And finally, these Commons replace weapon weeks, not epic weeks, so you’re not really losing anything you’d want.

I’d like to revisit this point. I think glory chests are a great investment if you’re not in one of the top guilds (where you get lots of free glory keys) and don’t have a full collection. The glory rewards are typically moderately useful Epics with a high cost to acquire. You can get 20-25 chests for the same cost, which means you’re likely to get at least one Epic and may get a Legendary, plus lots of additional copies of less rare troops.

15-20 troops is far more useful under most circumstances. And since they’re the only reliable option for Legendaries (and the few excellent ones like Bone Dragon are a total game changer), the reward for buying in bulk is strong. I think it’s only a bad deal if you’re already filled out with multiple strong teams and have done a lot of ascending. (Or if there’s a super strong glory reward on a particular week.)

Granted. I keep thinking in terms of end-game resources. To be fair, the majority of forum-goers are far closer to that stage than average, but still.

File ‘incomplete collection’ under ‘desperate’ then.


I definitely haven’t ascended much beyond my commons, and I definitely have some rares that could use it. I also think the occasional gold/souls/gems from those chests are valuable as well. In my mind, it looked like the payout of 20 chests vs the weekly reward seemed close but when I thought of it in terms of-would I buy a pack of 12 rares or better + souls + gold +maybe gems… yes I would.