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I’ve watched videos and looked around. Ain’t a new player but rejoined the game and a little confused. Like to check whether there are still glory packs with 2 arcanes (not one)? I’m a casual player so I can’t churn out anything more than PvP tier 1. I’m staring at the mountain traitstone because I suspect I need it for mythics which I haven’t gotten (which is about 21 arcanes x 2 types = 12600 glory if only one per 300 glory; my stock is 13k only) Also, where should my gems be going? (I have gotten both celestial and dragon armor ages ago) I’m running out of resources the moment I re-enter the game :frowning:

The contents of the glory packs depend on the rarity of the troop.

Common = 3 troops, 1 Arcane
Rare = 2 troops, 1 Arcane
Ultra = 1 troop, 1 Arcane
Epic = 1 troop, 2 Arcanes

Epic costs 400 per pack, the rest are 300 per pack. Pretty sure this has always been the case.

Spoilers about forthcoming chances to get this traitstone:

The next two chances are going to be 300 for 1 Arcane Mountain - two Rares - then an Epic after that which is 400 for 2, but that is distant… three months or so, and the troop isn’t even “confirmed”.

I’d suggest using Orbs of Wisdom (a new resource) to unlock the 2nd and 3rd traits of Mythics, saving you a lot of farming or glory. You can get these from Guild and other events.

For Gems, I’d suggest getting the Weapon from Guild (and other) Event Shops, and getting the Sunday Gem Bounty. If you’re in a guild that finishes the Blue Statue, this shouldn’t be an issue :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Can the orbs of wisdom obtained directly? Or is it luck based from orb of chaos?

Purely luck

Its luck to get an Orb of Ascension. You will get plenty of the others.

So, No can not pick the orb you want.

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Once in a while wisdom orb is availble to buy in the flash offers