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New player questions

Hey there,

I’ve been playing the game for about 3-4 weeks now and have been progressing through PvP and the normal Kingdoms during this time. I’ve read some guides which have helped me a lot, but the game is fairly complex with a lot of nuance to a lot of things I still don’t really understand.

Right now I’ve joined a guild which has rewarded me with a lot of cool shiny things. One of these things are Event keys - my question is, when should I use them? Is there a specific time period I should use them or a specific event that is better than others?

Regarding Glory - is there any other use to it besides opening chests and buying that weekly troop that is offered? I’ve accumulated a bunch of Glory and have opened some chests with it but am hesitant to use more in case I’ll need it further ahead in the game.

Finally - are these weekly troops bought with Glory usually worth it? I actually like the one from this week and will get it, but sometimes as a new player it’s tough to assess how useful they will be. In a general way are they more powerful than what we get from chests?

Thanks all! Any other tips for a new player appreciated, I really like this game and am in for the long haul

Event Keys are best used when there is an event “legendary” troop that is being released, like this week for instance. For starting players, however, it may be useful to target a particular legendary by using the keys when the kingdom that has that legendary is the kingdom of the week (even better when there’s more than one that you want from the same kingdom), such as getting Yao Guai when Shentang is the event kingdom.

(One can also use Event Keys to aim for specific Mythic troops but I would advise against doing so unless your resource base is quite substantial!)

Glory can be used to collect more Event Keys from the store (10 per week) and can also be used to get more Glory Keys. Exchange rate isn’t fantastic for Event Keys unless you’re overflowing with Glory.

The weekly glory troops are usually worth getting at least one of, though an important factor is the fairly large amount of Arcane Traitstones you can get via the bundles. The troops we get from chests are largely troops that used to be offered from glory bundles as well, so its difficult to say which is going to be better. If you have to use glory sparingly, I would pick troops on a case-by-case basis.

Event Keys are only usable on the existing kingdom featured in the game.

So this week, it says ‘Swords Edge Troops’. What that means is when using a key you have a chance to pull any troop associated with that kingdom (this does not include faction troops, which can only be pulled in their faction by using shards in the portal).

Event keys are scarce, it is not wise really to use a lot of them. Furthermore, check what you actually have from the kingdom, and what you actually want. If there’s nothing you want, maybe save them.

Time in the sense of how long you play the game over weeks and months allows you to build up resources, but they are very quickly spent. You will encounter people with everything, they’ve got there from playing for years and building things.

Glory helps buy the weekly troop. It used to also be able to buy the ‘Spoils of War’ in quantities of more than 10 packs (1800 glory) but it got nuked a while back. This doubles the scarcity issue, because with SOW, you can buy event keys, but now it’s limited to 10.

In general in a decent guild, you might accumalate maybe 150-250 event keys per month, depending on tasks completed and buying SOW weekly.

Generally speaking, there is a new Legendary on a cycle every 4/5 weeks and each month you can try and get that with event keys.

Event keys are not really a viable strategy of getting a mythic from that kingdom pool for a new player. The chances are low, circa 1% off the top of my head.

I basically havent played as long as some, maybe it’s 3 years now, I dunno, but by doing PvP a lot, I have caught up in terms of glory and this glory allows you each week to get the new troop and then push it to max level, once you have been playing a while. I didn’t even guild for maybe 4/5 months after starting playing, but still have caught up.

The glory troops are generally ok, they are more powerful generally than those obtained by gold key chests. Look out in particular for empowered converters. Some glory troops are junk, but they are required to help boost kingdom levels. Right now, at your time in game, it’s about collecting resources through playtime. Trying Mythics with gem and glory keys and guild seals, maybe spending 50 event keys once every legendary kingdom week (like today) and building and building.

Glory will soon grow, but it can easily diminish in early game, so be wise with spending.

You will pick up these glory troops via chest pulling at Mythic pulls each time there is one. The most recent 3/4 troops won’t be in that pool, but everything else ever released bar a few exceptions (an example only the mythic up for grabs is in that pool when it’s new Mythic time) will be there. In other words, always get at least one each week to start the build of your collections, maybe seeing how much glory you have will allow you to buy more copies. Another bonus is the arcane traitstones with them, they are what you need in early game, so keep your eye on your needs, which is usually based around your favourite or most frequently used troops starting out. Time will get you them all.

As an example we had an old guildee rejoin with a new account a while back. He started from scratch and was soon at L1000 and had most of all the troops by the time he quit again :). Getting a good guild to help gain troops and resources is essential and I should know, I went without one for a while!

Oh and guildee @Shimrra just answered the same :slight_smile:

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When starting out pretty much any troops is welcome so don’t worry too much about holding on to event keys.
If you really want a mythic or legendary from a specific kingdom (which for high end players is usually the newest release) then it’s good to hang on to them.

Using glory for keys isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Still, starting out you need to build an expansive arsenal so it’s definitely not a waste. Personally I find the glory troops a bit lackluster most of the time, but the fact that you can get (specific) arcane traitstones that way makes it worthwhile to buy a couple of copies every week.

When starting out use all keys that you get. People save Gem keys, Glory keys, and Guild Seals to get the new mythic at the first Friday of every month. People use event keys to get some of the troops to mythic that they don’t have yet.