Best use of glory for a new player?

So I´ve been playing for a little over a week, and so far I feel like the only thing that has me stumped is this: what do I use my glory on?
Going over the forum posts, the glory discussions are either glory at higher levels (I´m level 30), or go back to an earlier version with different mechanics.
So… yeah. I have 460 glory and I don´t know if I should get the event pack, or a bunch of maps/souls/chests.

I would say keep them for the Weekly Event pack. They give fairly nice goodies, not to mention you want the card for collection purposes.


The arcane stones is quite nice, also, especially when one get 2 per pack.

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I agree with @ctu1208 and @Eika. Farming traitstones is tedious and frustrating. The easiest way to get them is by buying the Glory Chest in the Rewards tab each week. The stones change each week and the price does too. And you can usually get a few of the new troop offered each week. I’ve traited out a few troops just with these chests.

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This is my thought process for Glory. (Early on mainly.) Always have 500-1000 Glory on hand, just in case.
What you do with the rest is up to you (I recommend chests), but you always want enough to buy a weekly troop that catches your attention, possibly enough for two.

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Ok then, consensus is: weekly reward chest.
Bonus question: In your opinion, Should I go for the Mercy chest right now then? Or is she not that good?
I´m running a goblin team right now and doesn´t look too useful to my situation, to be honest.

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She is okay, far away from the worst. Since she is an epic she might be a little hard to pull in the upcoming week, when she will be available in glory/gem chests. I think very few buy those chests because of the troops alone, I think most value the arcane the most, which can be spent on several troops.

Not to brag about my list, but this list might come in handy for new players. It shows you what troops that the specific arcane(s) can be spent on. Always have your eyes open and check out all the troops before you spend the stones. That way you make sure to spend them on troops that you really likes or would like to play with.

This week:

SWAMP - Blue/Green
Giant Spider
Green Slime
Sabertooth Lion
Stone Giant

In this case there is two of the best purple gem creators that will come in handy for the future, to spend the stone on, in Giant Spider and Green slime. It’s a very big chance that you will need them in the future, for soul team or generally purple troops. Treant is a must for any Fey team, while Stone Giant is a nice tank- troop for a defense team. So also try to think a little about the future.

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I also have to add the Wiki -

It’s great to use, for a more specific requirments for each troops.

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Mercy is an Epic, afaik… so will be rarer to get hold of…

Yeah, my mistake there. Im still a newbee, you know :wink: Edited.

Thank you all so much for your input.

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If you like doing arena, prioritize the weapon pack (when available). In the beginning fase I didn’t make enough glory to consistently buy the weekly event pack each week so I’d skip troop weeks. Note that I didn’t do PvP until very recently.