Skipping Weaker Glory Troops

Between the increased glory cost for troops, the amount of a troop needed to make it mythical, the fact that troops do nothing for kingdom leveling, and the better uses for glory in 1.0.8, wouldn’t it be better to just skip most event troops? They would eventually come to keys where they will easily become mythicals. There would really be no need to buy multiple of any given event troops unless it was a legendary or ridiculously OP link slime. xD

maybe but you can skip the rng of getting event troops as soon as they cost glory for the event instead of getting them from keys.

Depends on how much Glory one has, how much they like the troop, how much Glory we start getting from winning PVP, and how they change the pricing accordingly. If its still around 100-140 Glory and you have 2000 Glory… you could buy six or seven of them and upgrade it to legendary, and still have Glory left. And do Mythic later.

true but if it isnt very good you can just grab one for collection. then go for the event keys cause it will be in there and you wont be upset if you get another one cause you can use it to upgrade later

Plus you never know when today’s crappy troop will become tomorrow’s must-have due to a buff or nerf or someone finding a combo that works out.

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I can see getting one or possibly two out of concern that the troop may be buffed, but getting 6-7 or 16-17 for legend or mythical just seems insane to me even with the resources at hand.

I have over 6,000 glory, but I’m not even bothering with getting one of this most recent troop. With the new sacrifice system, anything not level 20 mythical with all 3 abilities in late game likely won’t be worth using.

Having 2 epic event troops as mythical from the immediacy of an event costs 2,380 glory. That is the equivalence of 119 glory keys, which is similar to 60 iron keys.

Given how essential getting runes will be early in the 1.0.8 patch, I don’t see any reason to spend glory on weekly troops; unless of course a really strong unit or a legend rolls around in an event. This would mostly just be applicable for the next month or so, for by then most higher leveled players will have a sufficient amount of runes and mythical legends.

That’s fair. I should really pay attention to those numbers. I chose a happy medium of 7, only cost 980 … and it turns out I actually like the troop so that works. And I have a bunch left over.

Well I would also consider the abilities of the troops, I mean this one this week probably doesn’t need to BE mythic because it’s ability is geared toward usage with other gem converters and creating a state wherein you don’t give the opponent a turn, plus his budding gives him great staying power. I only picked up 2 because of that.

Also true. He is fairly consistent (barring using his ability wrong), and once he starts buffing himself it won’t really matter where his stats used to be.

Valid points. I still prefer the 7 or 14 glory keys though. xD

There are A LOT of event troops in the past that I would have never gotten if it wasn’t for the fact they were needed to level kingdoms. Now that they are not associated with kingdom leveling, I am more than willing to just wait for their rotation into chests in most cases.

Oh yeah, that’s totally a thing now. Keep forgetting. So the next troop that shows up and I can’t stand will just be one copy for the collection and then left alone forever. I don’t even have to level it! Unless I have tons of keys left, in which case not even.

Still waiting on that disassociation to cause new troops past 8 per kingdom. Like some badass dwarf tank in Khaziel or something.

Remember all there’s some kind of collection mechanism coming in kingdoms where it looks like there’ll be some kind of reward (bonus, or perhaps just a meaningless extra set of stars on display) for having levelled / ascended the troops…

Check the prewiev video 2 you’ll see collection in use. Collection shows all the stuff that you collected - gold, gems, souls, maps, and traitstones sorted by type.
While I was thinly the same way as you, that it will bring some kind of rewards for collecting stuff, video shows purpose of that option.

There’s another collection button in the kingdom screens, think it’ll do something different… Also in the latest video see every kingdom has stars on it on the world map… Think that’s to do with how many troops are improved etc

Those stars are probably related to Kingdom Power, gained by leveling and unlocking traits on a Kingdom’s Troops. Raising it’s power increases the gold/tribute you receive, among other things.

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One of the suspicions I have is that collections may modify tribute reward amounts. Tributes kind blow since 1.0.7 and they are also tied to the 10 total point scale like someone else posted. Maybe collections will adjust the amount ‘10 point scale’? The more troops you have the higher the tribute level like the old leveling system. Again, just blantent speculation.