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Increase the glory price for troops in the glory shop

Read my suggestion first before responding based on the name of the topic.

I know event keys were removed from the purchase of troops in the glory shop. I would rather have the gold and glory keys removed and have the cost of the troop increased by 100 or 200 glory and then also include some event keys. This would satisfy the players to get event keys but at a bit of a cost.



One event keys cost 180 glory with the Spoils of War. We also get some minor other resources buying it, which is useless for endgame players. I must be honest. I doubt we will see any other glory packs that gives us Event keys, since we already have one. Possibly Spoils of War could had fallen in price, 120 glory for 1 event key instead. And take away the minor resources from it.


I’d pay an extra 100 to get two event keys back, not that we should have to, they should have given pc players event keys, not taken them away from us console players. I didn’t even get grappleslag and i’ve only got the handful of event keys from the guild task now they’ve shoe-horned crafting bits in as rewards. I refuse to buy spoils of war despite having 75k glory, it’s just stupid.


I would rather have the 5k gold to be honest… A single event key is useless to me


These packs is based such a newer players gets some minor resources too, like souls and gold keys. But I give OP a like, I like his suggestion. Adding an event key per troop glory pack is not a lot to ask for.


@Ghaleon in all honesty that is not a bad idea. I feel sorry for new / low ranked players who need as many resources as they can get to obtain new troops. It must be hard to get anywhere nowadays.

Yeah if we are just adding an event key and not taking anything away i am all for it

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But then most would just skip Spoils of War lol…It means that Spoils of War needs to get reduced price as I said around 120 glory or so.


Event troop packs for glory is already expensive for newer players. Getting 300-400 glory for a level 5 player is not easy. Which is just 1 pack. I doubt the Devs will raise the price if they came to the decision to add an event key in it.


I rather like there being two distinct options for getting troop + traitstones and event keys. My low level account gets about 6 glory packs per week and still needs all the traitstones, and I don’t really go for event keys. Having a rewards system where so much stuff is bundled together is part of the reason why the economy is so bloated - getting the thing that you want ends up giving you a bunch of the stuff you aren’t even trying for. I just think Spoils of War could use less useless junk in it, or we could have a Spoils of War+ that handed out 10 event keys at a discount without all the useless junk.


I don’t like this idea. Getting and upgrading the event troop each week already costs a lot of glory. Don’t make it cost more, even just to get a few extra event keys. No thanks


Devs will see this thread as: "players having a surplus glory"
Glory will get nerfed.

I don’t mind currently glory packs for the most part, but spoils of war should cost a little less. Or give 2 event keys for 250glory


You can bank on glory getting nerfed next anyway.


In all honesty, the reduction of event keys in guild tasks already seems to be a targeted outlet for sinking surplus glory rather than gems, since spending extra glory on the event keys is technically “cheaper” than spending gems in terms of opportunity costs, especially for VIP players and especially once arcanes are no longer scarce. The main problem is that most people will still need the glory packs, which are much more valuable overall because of the bundled items, and for everyone else the spoils are such a huge pain to buy in usable quantities when you might need dozens or even hundreds of keys, and you have to buy them 1 at a time. We really need multipacks.

Plunder of War: 10 event keys for 1500 glory. Bounty of War: 50 event keys for 7200 glory. Nothing else needed in the packs, just event keys.


Event keys are more relevant for high-level players. But for those who have not yet collected enough cards and raised them to a mythical level, keys are more relevant to the level lower.

i dont want to be forced to pay more glory to get event key in a troop/arcane pack i want
and i dont want to be forced to play much more glory to buy troop/arcane in an event key pack i want

i would prefer to change the event key bundle, like @Eika suggested (quote below), or in another way, instead of messing with the new troop bundles - which are already very expensive to new/mid players