Missed troops in Glory Rewards

Don’t know if this was already mentioned, so forgive me. Since I only started playing GOW about a month and a half ago, I missed obviously a few troops that we could buy with Glory rewards, like the previous Imp and some big Ogre dude.

My question: Are those troops lost to me as a new player?

And/or: Will you introduce them some time in the future in the weekly Glory Awards?

Thanx in advance and keep up the great work guys.

Glory reward troops get added to chests after some time. For example if you read the “Chosen of the Sun” blog post, you’ll notice a section saying: Now in Chests: Cthyryzyx
Cthyryzyx was a glory reward.
So if you play during the time they are rewards, you grab them. If you miss them you have to egt lucky once they are in chests.

The Summer Imp will return next summer.

Thanx. Should read the blog. Still new to this but thanx a lot for the answer.

The Summer Imp will also be making a brief one-week stop in the Glory Rewards tab in 2-3 weeks’ time.

Since we rebalanced him recently, quite a few folks asked after him, who passed him up the first time around.
Warning though, he’ll be going in at a very high Glory cost… over 200 to 250-ish I think (because he WAS a special sale offer the first time around), so start collecting those Glory Rewards and Tributes if you want to get him!

When you said “very high” I was expecting something else :smile:
I’m sitting on over 4k glory here :slight_smile:

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Over 4k Melkathi ? Not so much as my 203k glory and 1038 unopened iron keys heh heh :wink: Its all relative. I remember having to farm farm farm souls to level my troops or a newly aquired legendary. Aww…those were the days :smile:

I’ll get there :slight_smile: