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Use Glory Keys Now or Wait?

I have 2500 glory keys from back when I used to play. Should I use them now or will I have a better chance if I wait until they add another mythic troop?

I have most but not all of the Legendary Troops.

Nothing to lose by waiting. Depends on if the next Mythic is worth targetting or if you would prefer a chance at a random one.

Theoretically, the next mythic should drop around Oct. 7th. So, I’d wait to use them then.

What if it is gick, just like the last few?

Well, I’m the sort that wants all cards for my collection. So, gotta catch 'em all!

In my experience, if you don’t get it the first week that it’s exclusive, it’s next to impossible to get it later. I made that mistake with War and Plague. I still haven’t got them after using a massive amount keys.


True, I bow before you.

Not sure if it is as relevant in his situation though.

Well, it’s up to him if he likes the troop or not. If he doesn’t care for it, he can keep saving. But, now he knows there is a mythic troop coming next week.

Ok, ok, dont rub it in!

Or else it gets the hose again!

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