Mythic Exclusivity in event store?

When a world event has multiple potential mythics but an exclusive/new Mythic is active, is it possible to pull a mythic from a world event store? Or would you have to wait until Friday for the mythic to reset to “all”?

Event key isn’t affected by exclusivity.
You can get the new mythic there along with any other mythics belonging to that kingdom.

edit: oops. sleepyhead misread OP.
But as @Dust_Angel said, you should be able to get any key droppable troop from the event stores, including new ones. I think the only troops you can’t get are Craftable only + Vault only.

They really could present this information a bit better in the game. Wish there was a button to open up the troop filter that would show exactly which troops you can get from the event shops.

They’re asking about world event shop, but, yeah, the same should apply - it has a separate drop table (only event-applicable troops) from glory/gem/guild/vip chests, so you should be able to pull any of the six available mythic troops, but not the seventh - Xathenos - I suspect that it exclusively soulforge.

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Thank you. With a rising-point event I want to invest for my guild. Good to know I have the same chances today as Friday.