(Fixed) Auto Suggestion for Glory Troops

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I clicked across until it said enough for Mythic. I expected to have enough of them to upgrade to Mythic.

What happened, it bought enough at 1 copy per pack. As it is rare, it is 2 copies per. Therefore I ended up paying double the amount than I needed to, to get it to Mythic, and ended up with a lot more copies than needed.


Saw this too on iOS. I thought it sounded too expensive, so I only used the shortcut to buy to legendary. Definitely looks like the computation doesn’t account for getting 2x per purchase.

Hey guys, we’re looking into this ASAP.

Context post:

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Yeah I clicked across to where it suggested Mythic and went awesome thats enough. Seen 91, went yeap thats how many I need.

And then realised my stuff up and I needed 91 troops not 91 packs of 2 troops lol.

Awesome TY Cryup :smiley:

I’m in same case, I was also redacting a ticket.

Could we expect a reimbursement of the ~13k glory ? If so, do we need to make a ticket to support ?

I did the same / what can we do to get the Glory back? thanks

Restart client to get fix

Also in my case glory wasn’t decreased