Mervorax - immediate changes to Glory Pack purchases

Until the next update version 4.3.5, Glory Packs for Rare Troops will now cost 200 Glory.

An issue with the fancy new bulk Glory Pack purchases has caused a problem. Usually, you can purchase Glory packs and the screen will show you the suggested quantity of cards needed to earn Mervorax and Ascend them to Mythic Rarity.

We’re sorry, but due to the way the game is coded this caused an issue. The screen is misleading and made it appear as if you needed to purchase 2x the amount of cards you actually required.

What are you going to do?
Any players who purchased over 46 packs during this time will be compensated for the cost of the Glory spent.


I appreciate the proactive accountability for this mistake. And the motivated desire to make it right asap.


Can we consider that compensation will be automatic, with a script detecting who purchased 91 packs ? (And we don’t have a thing to do ?)

Asked in game, no ticket needed

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That’s useful to know, thanks. Thought I’d gone mad this morning when I ascended the troop to mythic and had 91 copies :smiley:


200 for 1 instead of 300 for 2…



@cyrup well I thought I would avoid problem by buying only 41 packs of Mervorax, but by doing so I received only 41 copies of the troop in place of 82! Pack should give 2 copies, it give actually 1. On Xbox. Do I need to submit a ticket for the 41 troops missing?

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The pack has changed, it only gives 1 troop now, for a lower price of 200 glory. You have the correct amount of troops.

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The problem is that all my 41 packs costed 300 glory each! I was on Gems till reset without reloading gems. I spent 12300 glory (41x300) for 41 copies.

So prior to 4.3 a rare troop cost 13800 glory to mythic. Now it’s 18200. A massive increase of 4400 glory! Thanks Devs!

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They will be rolling out a fix for those who spent too much. Your case might be covered as well. A dev would be able to confirm.

I expect they will post when the refunds go out. If you don’t get it, submit a ticket. I’m sure they will compensate you for the missing glory.

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300 divided by 2 is 150. :thinking:
Well the praise was nice while it lasted…:roll_eyes:

The reason its 200 is because the extras are still the same. All thats changed is the troop amount.

So while yes, it will cost a little more, you will also get more of everything else than normally.


Once again I fail to see how this could possibly be missed in testing.

I don’t give a damn what caused this, you’ve changed it to cost a total of 18,200 instead of 27,300.

It should cost a total of 13,800 glory. You can change it to cost that much, but you’ve decided to scalp us instead. WTF.

Forget 91, I’m not even buying one. Make it right.

I have done the math and it makes some sense … post further down.

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The cost was only reduced to 200 instead of by half because we didn’t half the rewards, we just removed 1 Troop from the pack. The rest of the rewards are given in full.


Quite a few players buying multiple copies don’t care much about the rest of the rewards, they just want to ascend the new troop. For those players the cost change is quite harsh. Would it be an option to offer a second bundle that contains only the new troop, for 100 glory? That way players could buy one of each bundle for 300 glory and the same rewards as before.

Sorry for immediately yelling instead of doing my usual logical stuff. Now … TL;DR is that this price is OK.

For the value of these things, we have to assume that the 4,400 extra Glory cost is paying for half of the rewards in the screenshot that aren’t the troop.

Or 45 of these packs, to be precise.

180 Minor Traitstones
45 Arcane Traitstones
225,000 Gold
450 Gold Keys
90 Glory Keys

First, math (the easy part, because numbers are quantifiable).

Because I’ve done math on these things before (try stats from 1.0.9!) and they haven’t changed gold chests at all, I can safely say that every 50 Gold Keys amounts to about 30 Glory on average (plus all the troops and gems and so on you’re getting, depending if that matters).

Gold Keys cost 300 Gold, so 50 costs 15,000, which makes for about 1 Glory per 500 Gold spent. Glory Keys cost 20 Glory. Apply that…

180 Minor Traitstones
45 Arcane Traitstones
225,000 Gold = 750 Gold Keys = 450 Glory
450 Gold Keys = 270 Glory
90 Glory Keys = 1800 Glory

So another 2,520 Glory’s worth of stuff, at face value.

The other part is the Traitstones.

Obviously we can forget about Minors. Nobody gives a damn about them these days. They’re filler.

Arcanes, on the other hand, used to be half the reason we got these packs in the first place. Realistically, their presence in here is probably the only reason some of us feel like we don’t need any more of them. And I can’t exactly put a price on them since I personally won’t need more for the rest of the game’s life time, but its gotta be a lot.

Are another 45 Arcanes worth 1,880 Glory? If I saw that as a standalone deal, I’d probably buy them if I didn’t have them coming out my ears already.

So I’m gonna shut up and buy the full 91 packs now. Devs made a fair call with the price.

I do wish it was a dev doing the explaining and not me, however.


Which is good for some people but I don’t care about the extras I just want to get the troop to mythic for the same price all the other rares have cost.

Just have a second pack that’s half the cost but also half the rewards so I can get the troop to mythic at the same cost it would have been without a stupid bug.