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Glory Should Be Used For Purchasing Troops

If there’s a certain troop that we want and haven’t obtained yet then, Glory should be used. I want the Spooky Imp and Spring Imp but, can’t get them to spawn when opening chests. Glory should be used for purchasing troops that we want, I know I’m not the only one here that thinks that. And I’m on the XBOX ONE.

We already use glory to buy troops. Especially with reward packs every week.
And yes, I understand what you want, that won’t happen.


Would nnnneeeevvveeerrrr happen.
You got keys, packs, rewards, guild task etc etc

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Personally, I’d prefer to see troops being made purchasable with extra souls, at a rate of 1000x disenchant value.

Want a common? that is 5 x 1000 = 5000 souls each. Completely impractical, but an option.
Need one more of a specific legendary to ascend it? that is 100 x 1000 = 100,000 souls
Miss a mythic when they launched? It will run you 150 x 1000 = 150,000 souls a pop. I’d also suggest raising mythic disenchant to 250 from 150, so it would cost a quarter million each.

That way when I open 50 gem keys and get 0 useful troops, at least I can disenchant them and make progress towards the few I do need.


sounds like breaking whole gacha system, doesnt look like gonna happen
thia game lives from gacha…

the arena troop you can buy at the end cost so many gems this is ridiculous, maybe they could switch it for glory and i don’t think it would be a game breaker

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It’s a brilliant idea. And a 250.000 souls for a mythic troop would require a whole a lot of playing. But at least you’d be sure that if chests fail, this wouldn’t.

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How about donating the souls to me. :smiling_imp:

Love the idea… that would at least make souls a valuable resource once you have all troops and classes upgraded. I got 200k souls that will most likely never see any use.

Now, y’all see the point.

I don’t want any direct resources for troops; I think it’s a very bad idea. What I do want is a system for all cards similar to the Guild Chest/Guardian situation. Once you have a troop upgraded to Mythic and have 4 copies of it, the card is eliminated from the card pool on any new chests you open. This would be the best and most elegant system; and, bonus, we already know the devs can and have implemented it in game already. They just need to move it from Guardians to all cards and chests.

Heck I’d even be happy if it was only implemented on Gem, Event and VIP chests; let players still get duplicates from Gold and Glory chests so that they can exchange those for souls.

By contrast, the whole “this would give me something to spend resource X on” from OP isn’t a solution; it’s a symptom. With the exception of the true top 0.001% of players, there should never be a situation where there isn’t content for a player to spend resources on without artificially creating a resource dump. Resource dumps are dirty fixes that should be avoided as much as possible.



These x for y posts never ever end. Ever. There is a new one every few days.

New players, mid game players, and here end game. It makes no difference where you are. Its always the same be it trading Traitstones, maps, gold for …, troops, or here souls or glory for troops. Just variation on x (have lots of) for y (want).


The only thing is… some late gamers have everyone mythic so as soon as you open a chest boom it’s automatic the new troops or mythic or whatever is out that wk.

The first idea jus simply won’t work.

The best idea I’ve seen for the whole thing is to take some amount of all “common” resources (gold, souls, traitstones, possibly even glory/maps) and use them all along with the “rare” bottleneck resource (gems, the main thing that controls how many quality troops you get) and have a system to either craft troops directly, greatly increase your chance at getting specific troops, or greatly reduce drops you don’t need. The idea would be that everyone would still be getting roughly the same amount of troops, but the amount of useless drops would be reduced for those that have the extra to spend and that you would still be able to “farm” and move you toward a goal in some way.

As it stands now, the problem is threefold - theres a bunch of resources that you can only spend so much of without either not having anything to spend on anymore or taking a HUGE hit for your return on investment for time, an ever increasing random troop drop pools, and a heavily softcapped amount of troop resources per week available. While it might be an “endgame” only problem now, it will eventually be a problem for anyone continually playing the game at all but the most casual level.

As much as I’d like to personally, we cant simply remove all the mythic +4s from the drop pool - it would be far easy to get new stuff to mythic for a minimal expenditure (less that is obtained per week from just guild tasks eventually, which actually would break the economy for everyone, not just the 0.01%). And allowing direct exchange of the most common “farmable” stuff for the most rare would break their distribution model - even at a quarter million souls each, I could have both my missing Mythics inside a week without any additional expenditure. However, if they cost 2-2.5k gems in addition to some other stuff, I’d be out the same amount of gems it would take me to get a random mythic to drop on average (in addition to at least half a dozen potential legendaries and 50+ epics and whatever common resources it would take to “craft”) - they’d “cost” about the same as they did during their exclusive week, with additional expenditure for specificity being much more reasonable and coming from my other resources and not my gems. Such an expenditure would have anyone not in a top guild during the old “broken” economy risk not getting the next exclusive mythic, which would leave them with another missing mythic. Those that did have the extra resources are going to have these mythics anyways. If I needed to “craft” special keys that always gave me something I “needed” that required all resources (or that at least weighted toward stuff I didn’t) that would also be acceptable.

You are assuming if you have 4x Mythic Dwarves Miners and pulled another the game would re-roll a missing troop. It could just assign a comparable Common Traitstone.

I’m sure the developers can get it worked out, OR they just not do anything about resource trading. (Status Quo)

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I don’t see a problem with that for the few players who have every card all ready to mythic. Those players are in the vast minority. You can’t design your game around the outliers and be successful. That isn’t to say the devs shouldn’t include things that outliers enjoy, too but you can’t hold back 99.9999% of your players for the 0.0001%.

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But its the american way lmfao



^^^ Funny!! :smiley:

I thought the OP meant something different when I first saw the Title. I agree that the best use of Glory each week is the Weekly Reward Troops (with Gold and Arcane Stones)! :smiley:

The idea of getting any troop for Glory is unfortunately impractical to Gems of War on a gameplay, theme, and economics model. It would be very nice tho to see the DEVS come up with some additional ways to make it easier to get the specific troops we need. Maybe offer 2 “Events” each week to at least rotate the 26 Kingdoms!

i think - if that system was up - it would reduce income from heavy spenders by half actually. which is a lot more then whatever 0.001% you want to count

i do not know how much % of general dev income is the heavy spenders but i doubt its 0.1%