Make mythics available for [x]...maybe souls?

I’m down to needing just 5 mythics. There’s nothing left to acquire and thus nothing left to really motivate me to keep playing. I’m not kidding myself. I could spend thousands of gems and not get 1 of them let alone all 5. I do know this - I have over 300K virtually useless souls and would like to use them for SOMETHING.

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This is something I put forth a while back - Glory Should Be Used For Purchasing Troops

I’d still like to see it happen!

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I’d gladly pay 200K souls for one Mythic. And it wouldn’t break the game at all honestly. High level players would be the only ones to immediately benefit and it gives everyone a goal. I guarantee you more people would pay real $ for currency in order to hasten the process.

It would also make soul generators worthwhile in the late game

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Please find some way to work this out. I’ve spent as much on GoW in the last 6 months as I have on 3 AAA titles combined. I don’t want to quit playing but I also want a reason or two to continue.

In your particular situation getting those mythics would likely not stop you from quitting this “boring” game.

The problem with making mythics available for whatever currency you wish is not enough players have that currency. The mythics would again most likely be flooded to only the end-game players. Souls, glory, gold, etc.

That’s why I focus all my time and energy into just helping my guild. Yeah I like opening chests, but I don’t care what I get out of them. I play the game as long as it is fun to me, and when it’s not? Then i’m done with the game.


So basically end-game players should just move on? That doesn’t sound like a very sound business model.

That’s what is happening now. Once end-game players “complete” the game ie. collect and trait all troops, they leave shortly after.

That’s partly on the devs for not creating an after end-game anything.


Yeah but also keep in mind that it might actually cost you around 800 000 souls to just get one of the five needed.
Lol, RNG is a funny thing :wink:

And by the way, it’s not about completion it’s about collection. This game is 100% about accumulation/collection. With the current system, there’s no way to target mythics, or any other card for that matter. So once you’ve collected 99% of the cards, the game is over. Again, abandoning the wants of end-game players isn’t healthy for the game long-term. F2P games depend on recurring revenue.

I’m almost as “end game” as you can get. I have all troops except 5 mythics (plague and all since draakulis). Of the 26 kingdoms 23 are 7*, 2 are 6*, and 1 is 4* (don’t have enough to ascend blackhawk troops). I only need 10 traits to have all non-mythic non-guardians fully traited. As of this moment I have 700,000 souls with no incentive to use a soul generator or pursue tasks with soul rewards.

Even being this far into the game, at 250k a pop I’d still need 550,000 more souls to finish my collection. And by then there would be more mythics released. And if I wanted to field 2 Pharus-Ra, it is even more.

I would however restrict the most recent Kingdom from being eligible to purchase troops. So you can’t buy Blackhawk troops until the next kingdom comes out, otherwise you could max out a kingdom on opening day, which feels wrong. Likewise only troops in chests could be bought for same reason.


Amen brother. I think this sounds great. And it gives something to work towards because the Devs are awesome and are constantly adding new kingdoms/mythics.

how about souls roulette or soul chest?
some kind of gacha that has a mythic chance to spend souls on

it could be seasonal themed as:

for example only mythics dropping there this month/week would be 1 particular apocalypse and the current kingdom event mythic.

the apocalypse would take turns per 1 or 2 months each, and the rest of mythics would just depends on the weekly evented kingdom

is that less random enough? i hope…

also id like if some kind of guild war chest could have such feature too

At some point it needs to be a little less random. This game has the ability to be REALLY disheartening and there’s no way to say that’s a good thing.


Pure random is fine with a low volume situation, but the larger the pool the less feasible it gets.

Take Magic The Gathering, you don’t buy packs that contain every card in game. You get them by expansion. So if you want an Icy Manipulator you buy Ice Age packs (yeah, I’m old school MtG). Or you just buy the Icy from a vendor (which in this case would be like spending 250k souls for a specific mythic)


On the subject of completion and quitting though…

I’m almost level 600 now and i’m going up over 100+ levels a week. I keep telling myself i’m not going to turn into one of these players that are burned-out and quit, but I know i’m going to “complete” this game at some point and that scares me. I don’t want to quit this game for as long as I still have a fire and passion for it. I hope either guild wars or something else the devs add help that end-game lull.
My guild, leaderboards, and personal gains are the only things i’m really playing for right now. I can see a point in time where maybe that becomes boring for me.

On topic:

I think they could increase drop-rates yes, but I think people are forgetting that there’s simply not enough mythic available to warrant a drop increase. They certainly didn’t do it when there were only this many legendary available. They’re supposed to be hard to get. WHEN we get enough mythics though, I think that number will be increased.

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edited my post above to be less random.

but tbh less random i feel like devs would have to pin it to some kind of income so maybe a chest available only for higher vip levels or requiring to spend gems along with the souls…

I was right there 4 months ago. I tried to invest more in my guild and we rose rapidly through the ranks but even the pride associated with donating 1.5M gold and 500 trophies a week wears out after a while.

I wis I could tell you it isn’t going to happen but unless things change, you’ll be joining me in a few months. All the more reason to be vocal. We’re a community and I’d like to see it stay together.

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to be honest i wish apocalypse mythics would be separatelly available in event chests once a while then i would feel every mythic is obtainable and available to hunt exclusively.
at the moment only the apocalypse are getting harder and harder to get, the rest still can go with the event chests so you can hunt them direcctly, dont they?

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At 26 kingdoms, you’re only looking at 2 weeks / year for a specific target. Of course by years end that will be 32 kingdoms so even longer. Event chests are nice, but hardly practical.