Mythic Reward ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I won’t waste mine or your time to explain the 8k reasons that this a great idea.
But if a player logs in daily for 365 days straight then I suggest they receive a somewhat Random Mythic troop in the mail. (Everyone that hits 1 year at that same point should receive the same troop.) It would be rewarded annually.
Based on that… Maybe every 90 days a legendary troop and every 30 days an epic troop.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ very well

I have even a better idea.
When you login for straight 365 days, you should get 10 Celestial Stones and 4000 Diamonds.


I like all ideas in this thread thus far.

So that means they will never happen.



Devs, give us more free loot!

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TLDR; it’s really not a smart idea with our economy and I can’t imagine this getting much traction with the higher ups.

Maybe the Epic and Legendary troops could be “economy” breaking.
But only the die hard players would bother making sure they log in every day. You can’t tell me how many that is for a whole year every day straight. My guess it isn’t more than 10% of the current player base. And if they play that much, they most likely are already spending money.
I’m sure cash back rewards from credit card companies seemed like a bad idea at first. But it seems to work well for them.


If you think that Mythics are the main source of your economy, you’re probably wrong.
I think that it’s not wrong to give 4000 Diamonds to such people, as they kept the game alive for you.
Don’t disregard the power of the players and their passive or active role in it.

To prove my point, even if I buy some Bundle, I get a RANDOM Mythic instead of resources to craft it on my own. That’s a major flaw! Believe me, people would buy those 50 EUR/$ Mythic Bundles that come with a Mythic unit in a month, but only if you would not get a duplicate, and a NEW Mythic unit, or if you would get the resources to craft it. Why are you making yourself more difficult to earn more money or income?

Mythics are just here to keep the players engaged. Main source of income comes from the Deathknight’s Armor, Ring of Wonder, and Flash Offers, perhaps some Bundles as well.

If the term “fansplaining” isn’t already in use around the dev offices, I’ll offer it up royalty-free :upside_down_face:


As if after one years there is 0 chance you land on duplicates l and it’s that one gift is the only Mythic you’ll own after 365 days of playing lol he didn’t ask for Zuul :rofl:

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im pretty sure main source is noobs that dont know any better buying treasure maps…

I like the general idea, but disliked that the idea of it being restricted to consecutive logins.

There are too many situations where someone would be unable to login for a single day because of real life circumstances. The difficulty of logging in from a phone is also different than from a console, and that should considered as well.

Not that it matters since it doesn’t seem like this would be implemented.

Because if they let you purchase the bundle and receive the mythic you are targeting, you would only be giving them $50 once. So, profit.

But if you are given a chance at the mythic that you are targeting and buy the bundle at least once, then, it’s profit++

Because this is a gacha game and uncertainty = profit.

I think if you log in for 365 days straight the game should delete your account. :duckhuntdog:


What should happen if you log in for 1292 days straight? :laughing:

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Your future self creates a time machine and comes back to slap you, then returns and destroys the time machine, having fulfilled its purpose.

This needs more love.


Or maybe I would buy it 10 times instead of just one time. Profit +++.

Hunny, We can’t go on vacation or leave the house for more than a 24 hour period for at least a year. That cool with you? :smile: