New Golden orbs

With this golden orb you can craft any mythic troop for free (exept xathenos and zull)

We have those already! Except they’re called diamonds, and you need 4000 of them.


Well this orb will save you 4000 diamonds :slight_smile:

And also your method doesn’t include every avalaible mythic, you need to pick on the list

Does Cedric keep his Golden Orbs in his Sparklesack? :thinking:


My first impression was are you serious? Or insane? Upon further thought, this could be a cool, like willy wonka golden ticket rare thing. I mean, the forge exists and we can acquire the materials to craft free over time, so we can already pick the mythic of our choice and make this happen. Why not? They can make the drop rate extremely extremely miniscule, and be upfront about it, and make sure it goes live with said drop rate (i’m looking at you gnomes). So hardly anyone actually gets into the chocolate factory, but enough still do so we know that, yes, they are obtainable and not a myth. It would be an exciting thing to chase, and the reward would be fulfilling (i’m looking at you again gnomes). Stranger things have happened.


They could put them into vip chests, make people want to put money in again.

Like i said the soulforge doesn’t include every mythic you need to wait for the good one but with this orb you can craft whatever mythic card and whenever you want and of course it need to be very rare,

I only brought up the forge because its very existence makes this plausible. Your idea just takes it to another level :slight_smile:

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A “golden orb” already exists. They are called Power Orbs… I have a better chance of being Taylor Swift’s next bf than finding 8 of them babies.

I hope this will never be introduced :') diamonds are pretty easy to come by if you’re patient

Even if this would be a thing please make it a 0,0001% drop chance and accessible for everyone, not just end game players.

I’m not bashing your idea by the way Ricky, I can just imagine this being introduced and end game players getting it easily while new players are still getting nothing.
I kind of like the fact that mythic troops are somewhat exclusive even to end game players.