Troop trading system

With the chances to get a troop being actively reduced with every week (compare the chance to get mythic X three years ago with the chance to get it today), and the soulforge being only an emergency option due to the prices, it seems about time to think of an additional way to get creatures.

I suggest an ingame system, that allows to trade 4 troops of a given rarity for 1 chosen troop of that same rarity (only for troops, that can be found in chests, so no underworld, dooms or event-bound creatures).
These trades will be with the system directly and not involve other players.

I think, it is a reasonable approach, that needs no further explanation. I know, nobody who is involved with the development of the game would ever read the forum, but maybe it could be forwarded by the moderation team if they find it acceptable.

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“Great”, say the Devs, “trade 4 troops of a given rarity and 20 Cursed Runes per level”…

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My god that was the solution for the insane amounts of treasure maps. Cough up runes and celestial trait stones

just simply “sell” troops that are ascended to mythic for diamonds
M = 1000
L = 400
E = 20
UR = 5
R = 1
C = 0

I can see this get invented for less rarer troops. By that I mean commons to ultra rare troops only.

And there is loads of good troops to find there, especially for noobs.

They should give some diamonds when you disenchant mythics.

Interesting concept but those rates are waaaaaay too high :grimacing: