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Diamond farming

Since guilds are dying and Diamonds are hard to come by. Could the dev team make a way for gamers to farm for us? Simple solution is to get rid of the traightstones gold glory out of the treasure maps and make this feature useful again. Dungeons just don’t do it for people trying to craft inn soulfordge and having to wait months to build up enough diamonds. Gnomes are worthless due to only handing out 2 . Please find a solution to make people grind for these on a weekly basis.


And then everyone and its mother will sit on mythic teams.
What’s the point of having natural myhics hard to get, if you can reliably get them guaranteed via farming?


Just keep doing dungeon every day and if you really need extra diamond you can pay 25 or 50 gems (i dont remember) to get more. I did this during 2-3 months and now i got over 30k and don’t need to farm it anymore

It’s impossible to get 30k Diamonds if you farm daily for 3 months. You’re spreading misinformation!

Mythics troops cost 4000 diamonds.
There are three routes as follows: there’s also an additional route of buying the daily pack for $5, but I didn’t include that here.

Route 1: Dungeon Mode only - will take 10 weeks for one Mythic troop.

120 (Daily Dungeons x6)+ 70 (Day of Luck)+150 (Guild Tasks) + 60 (Shards, 400x7+3000=5800/1000) = 400 per week = 10 weeks for 4000 Diamonds.

Route 2: Dungeon and purchasing the daily Gem Bounty pack - will take 6.5 weeks for one Mythic troop.

240 (Daily Dungeonsx6) +150 (Day of Luck) + 150 (Guild Task)+80(Shards, 800x7+3000=8600/1000)=620 per week = 6.5 weeks for 4000 Diamonds.

Route 3: The most economical method, playing the daily dungeons and only purchasing the Sunday’s Gem Bounty pack - will take approximately 8 weeks for one Mythic.

150 ( guild tasks ) + 120 ( daily dungeons x6 ) + 70 ( day of luck ) + 80 ( day of luck gem bounty ) + 60(Shards, 400x6+800+3000=6200/1000)=480 per week = 8.3 weeks for 4000 Diamonds.


well i don’t know what platform you are but on xbox we could buy infinite diamond pack

You need to update your routes to include Vault events and diamonds from Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom/other mini-game sources.

Still, you won’t reach 30k Diamonds, unless if you got some exclusive payment options on other platforms and a ton of money to waste on so-called infinite packs. If every person could craft 7 Mythic troops in 3 months, then this game would probably be overrun and most likely bankrupt or dead already.

For starters where is that bundle and I play on xbox . I feel you were just trying to troll because I am trying to help lower level players because active guild players won’t take them in so for those lower level players it will take them forever. The only bundle is for gems not diamonds there 's a difference.

Are you talking about Diamonds (white) that are obtained in Dungeons and used only in Soulforge or are you talking about Gems (blue) - premium currency and you want only to obtain them when you are playing treasure hunt and not get any other reward (glroy, souls, traitstones…)?

Just about them, as you could see it from further calculations.

this is what throws me off :smiley:

It’s not a shop bundle, it’s within the Dungeon game. After defeating at least the first boss, the overview screen gives you the option to buy the daily deal (upper right corner on PC, easy to miss), once for money, once for 50 gems. Word has it that the Xbox version has a bug that allows you to buy it an unlimited amount of times.

White not the blue gems because you can get those on a weekly basis

I don’t think I ever want a way to farm diamonds other than the method that we have now. Here’s the thing for me:

I find the hunt is a whole lot more fun than it is to actually have the mythic.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but if mythics were so easy to get I probably wouldn’t even be playing this game. I just find the whole concept of taking on the rng and saving up the diamonds fun… sort of like giving myself a goal.

Last December by chance I got Elemaugrim through the event chests. That was my first time getting one from the event chests. Little did I know I was super lucky.

A few weeks ago I asked on this board if I was able to get High King Irongut through the event chests. Everybody said he’d be in it so the hunt was on. I got super lucky after warming up the rng with a few hundred gold and glory keys and got him on the 40th event key. THAT was fun. I did my whole Luke Skywalker ritual thing before opening up each event key… 40 freaking times. My wife thought I was a lunatic.

Skip over to last week I had a bunch of diamonds racked up. Made a post as to whether I should get Possessed King with my diamonds or save up for Megavore on this round of Mythics. The responses I got were awesome as a lot of people gave their opinions and I learned a lot. I wound up going with TPK and it turns out because Megavore wasn’t in this week I’ll have enough by the end of next week to get him if he happens to show up.

The point is. If I could farm the diamonds then I could get any mythic I want. I wouldn’t even need to ask anyone for their opinions because I can get them at any time if that were the case. To me the whole getting a mythic thing is fun because you gotta manage your resources (diamonds) or get lucky with the rng. Asking for people for advice here is awesome because you learn so much just from reading what they have to say. To me, that’s all part of getting a mythic and that’s why I like it the way it is now.

I definitely don’t want them to cheapen the experience. That’s my take on it.

By the way, raging like crazy when the rng doesn’t go my way is sometimes more fun than getting the mythic itself. I’m due for a tantrum session and my wife promised me she’d record me when it happens so we can post it on the facetube and make millions. =P


Person from the forum, I love you

Crafting a Mythic should be VERY, VERY hard, and when you have enough, the player should have to think long and hard about which Mythic to wait for in the soulforge. That’s the beauty of it and gives the player a sense of accomplishment!
Best way is Daily dungeons and buy the 50 gem pack on Sundays (other days as well if you have extra gems burning a whole in your pocket.)

Don’t forget you can craft shards 1000 for 10 diamonds as well


Sorry, I looked everywhere, and I did not find it. Can you post me a screenshot to see where can I craft Chaos Shards for Diamonds?

You can craft 10 diamonds from 1000 shards (green shards, NOT chaos shards).

I want to know more about this Luke Skywalker ritual and I swear I’m saying this from a good place, not from an attempt to make fun of you.

I collect luck rituals.

Speaking of 30000…

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