Diamond farming


You will cry on the day that Gems of War shuts down.
There will be nothing left but memories. No one will acknowledge your deeds any longer. :wink:


Careful, you might cut someone on that edge.

Seriously though, why go so low? If he wants to spend that much time on the game, so be it. Collecting that much is quite the accomplishment, even if diamonds have a limited use for those who have everything.

It has no impact on you, as him having those diamonds doesn’t mean you can’t get more. So much hating on the super rich just for their swimming pool of money.


I think he was joking due to the emoji.

He is correct that you cannot collect 30k diamonds in 3 months without some sort of real life money (even with real life money, it may not be possible without the bug on xbox).

I have also amassed 30k+ diamonds through the daily dungeons…just in case.


I would have if I did not craft a few things, but it took me longer than 3 months lol