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Mythic will be the highest rarity



Just means there won’t be much trouble crafting Dawnbringer. Disenchantments galore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It also means that the Arena DB thread that I muted 1 year ago will get 5000 posts…


Doesn’t mean they can’t revamp disenchanting in the future (because they really should).


Doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use extra copies for something else, e.g. sacrificing them for an animated golden border that doesn’t change rarity.

Eh, I think we should get some “soul sinks” more than I want to see a higher rarity. The currency system in GoW is interesting.

Guild tasks are a “gold sink”. You have to generate and spend a certain amount of gold in a week to participate in an idealized version of the game. In return, you get a lot of other stuff. We don’t think about gold past a certain point, but we do think it’s useful. This makes gold important long past after you’ve leveled your kingdoms.

Glory and gems have a sink, despite being harder to get in large numbers. Glory can convert to troops and event keys via the shop. Gems can go into gem chests, dungeon bundles, or even convert to gold or souls in the shop.

Souls is the most ubiquitous currency that doesn’t have a sink I know of. Once you get your 3m or so to max troops and craft a Dawnbringer, there’s nowhere else to put souls. There are new troops frequently, but keeping up is easy (especially with VIP perks.)

So maybe it’s time for some kind of “soul sink” for the high-end players that are out of things to level? It would still be accessible to lower-end players, but you’d trade “do I want the thing” vs “do I want to level?”

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I think troop leveling and mythic weapons are enough of a soul sink. Dawnbringer won’t be the last mythic weapon. Nimhain made it clear that the only thing holding up the next mythic weapon release is the DB in Arena fiasco. Once that is solved, more mythic weapons are coming.


This is something I don’t really get.

The weapons I buy every now and then appear with blue borders, which makes me think the game marks them as mythic. They aren’t available in arena.

Somehow the code exists to handle that, but misses Dawnbringer because it’s some kind of super-special mythic.

And that’s the cause of a several-month-long fiasco that’s holding up the development of new content for the game.

Sometimes I just

don’t get this game.

Well, according to the devs, Dawnbringer is the first mythic weapon.

That said, I’m not sure why they didn’t block its use in Arena. From a coder pov, it makes no sense to me.